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Barnes, Lucy | to mother, May 28, 1872:

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May 28, 1872
VC 1875

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Vassar, May 28 '72
Wednesday Afternoon

My dear Mother,
Since I wrote to Papa yesterday- there has been a great excitement going on here - Last evening in Chapel the Pres. told us that the distribution of room this year would be some what different from here to fore. Viz., The Preps. are to be entirely distinct from the rest of collegiate That they are to occupy the north end of the building with the exception of the second Corridor, which is for seniors exclusively-—


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They will then be granted many more privileges which we cannot enjoy. They will not have any corridor teacher, but have her room which is quite large - for a Senior Parlor- reading room or what ever they choose to make it- is it not splendid- The south end of the building is then left for the Juniors, Sophs & Fresh- I think this plan is splendid- it will make the Preps far more ambitious I think and then too there is something for us all to look forward to when we are Seniors as it has been heretofore the Preps have exactly the same regulations that the very highest classes do. But now to the sad part of the


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story- Katie will not be Fresh at the end of this year, and consequently will not be able to draw with the regular Classes, and what am I to do for a room mate. Annie Brown and Joe Jewell have both asked me to room with them but I don't think I want to, although they are both very nice- Guss will be Fresh- but I don't think we would get along very well for we both like our own way too much- and I am afraid we might not be such good friends if we room together No- I want a single room - and I don't believe I can get it. To-morrow I am in a perfect stew- We draw for our choice-day and then excitement will be a little cooled down I suppose.


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When you come up Commencement you will not see the college so full as usual- for last night in Chapel- the President said in the coolest manner that the Preps -might be excused immediately after their examinations as their room would be needed more than their company. If however there were individual cases where they particularly desired to stay they must send In a note stating it to Miss Terry - I do not know what Kate or Guss are going to do - for I have not asked them. I am so glad I am not a Poor Prep- Don't you hope I will be fortunate in my choice for a room? I am afraid you will become .. . by so many long letters in one week-but I don't think I shall - for I am not often favored with more than one.
Affec - Lucy.

[Lucy (Sellers) Barnes, '75]


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Mrs. John Sellers Jr.
3300 Arch Street
West Phila, Penna