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Barnes, Lucy | to mother, Jun. 9, 1872:

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June 9, 1872
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Vassar, Under the woods under trees.
Sunday afternoon June 9. 1872.
My dear Parents;
In the noon matt yesterday I received letters from both of
you much to my delight as I could not bear to have the week pass
with out them.
Last Friday evening we had a chapter meeting for the nomination of officers* which are to be voted upon next week—I was put up
for secretary but have no idea that I shall ever fill that office... I
will however be better able to tell you after that time.
Saturday the Sophomore fe Juniors were all pretty busy— The Sophs,


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on a account of the party given to the Frosh- and the Juniors on account
of the same - for the Seniors- Just before Chapel some of us were
privileged to see the College Parlors which the Juniors had fixed ap
for their entertainment. Really I never saw them look so lovely-
before -They For the first time since the college was furnished took
home Ctct
down the old pictures of Mr. Vassar's home &ct. and in their place had some of the handsomest pictures In college. They had two harps made of flowers
beside ever so many large boquets &ct. In the center of the two rooms
they had large balls of ferns- Then too they had the grand piano from
the Presidents house


: VCLLettersBarnesLucy1875012003
in there— All the faculty were invited and from
all accounts they had a splendid time— In room J. which opens Into the
parlors — they had their table. It was all fixed up too— They had hot
& cold supper both and very even allowed wine, just think of that
for Yassar. About 3 o'clock we, the Sophs & Fresh- went over to the
Gymnasium were we were rec'd. by Miss Cushlng president of the
Sophs. From the minute I entered the hall I knew I would have a
splendid time for immediately upon entering the room we were handed
printed programs lor dancing and upon the plantform sat two musicians
besides the pianist


: VCLLettersBarnesLucy1875012004
I could not keep my feet still— the music was so
splendid. The Soph were Just as attentive as could be and did every
tfrfag they could to make us enjoy our selves. In Hie society hall
refreshments were served from 8.30 - 9.30 The table was set along
the platform - which !s very low- and in the room small tables were
set which held two or three- Several of the Sophs were waitress and
looked too pretty for anything they all wore white and on their shoulders
long streamers of the College colors... After we danced a long while
we sang College songs accompanied by the music- ft was Just splendid
and I dont think I ever enjoyed my self more since


: VCLLettersBarnesLucy1875012005
I have been in College.
We stayed up until nearly twelve. . how is that for Vaasar? I hope next
year we the class of '75 my make it as pleasant for '76 as '74 has for us.
Yesterday Immediately after dinner we had our class elections- which
resulted as follows- Miss Lough - pres. Miss Kellog Vice Pres.- Miss
Buffington Sec- Miss Hollister Trea.
I don't suppose I need reiterate about our rooms la this letter as no doubt
you have received my last telling you the decision and when I get hold
of you I am going to ask for some thing real elegant for my room


: VCLLettersBarnesLucy1875012006
you know I will be here for three years after this- some thing perfectly
lovely. This morning I was in Sue's room and she wanted to know that
ti Saliie Herman came to our house whether she might come up to
Vassar with you- as Mrs Herman cannot come up- and Victors is coming
with 3 or 4 young gentlemen so that it would not be pleasant for either
part if she came with him-- X know you would only be happy of her
company but Sue insisted upon my asking you the question— X have been
able to get tickets for Auntie and Howard. As yet I am unable to inform
you as to "Original sir &ct— but will endeavor to find cut who wrote it—
Affec- & loving Lucy-
Lucy (Sellers) Barnes, '75


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West Phila Penn @