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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother, Father, and Pete, 1920 December 12

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December 12, 1920

Dear Mother, Father, and Pete:

It was certainly great to see '20 back for First Hall Reunionr yesterday. Tfey seemed to feel the same way about it.

I was very much disappointed in the play. It was Bernard Shaw's "You Never Can Tell". I did not care particularly for the play and I did not think that the acting was very good, either.

We had debate practice all Friday evening and all yesterday morning. We have it this afternoon again. I cut chapel this morning and spent the morning in bed trying to selep[sic] and rest up a little for tomorrow. It's a great life! I spent the afternoon in the libe yesterday, working on the week's English. I am strongly tempted to cut lab tomorrow afternoon. Four classes and lab is a little too much to go through and expect to feel fresh that evening.

Please preserve the enclosed clipping in alcohol. I want it back.



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[ca Dec 1920]

Dear Mother,

I think it will be a very good idea to get the brief case for Father. I have been wondering what to get, and hadn't thought of anything so far. I like to vary it occasionally, and not get books every year. And I do want to get him something, because he is such a kid about his birthday. Can you attend to it at home? I imagine you can do better than I can here--besides which I am some rushed. R. S. V. P. Did you get Lester's note sent through me?


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Fannie Hamburger Aaron


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[enc for ca Dec. 1920]