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Worthing, Margaret (Fletcher) | to family, May 28, 1908:

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28 May 1908

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May 28th
9 A.M. Friday


Dearest parents; -

A real nice day after such a horrid one yesterday. New Jersey certainly does have dreadful dreary days. It isn’t any wonder Ella looses here. She doesn’t


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feel that she has lost nor does she look it. Possibly she won’t loose any more.

We are going to Summit this afternoon to see Marion but will return before dinner.

Either I am getting used to it or else the family refrain - but anyway their


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squelching habit has somewhat abated. (Scratch wood!) [Crossed out] Tell Aunt Louise so, and tell her they sit together down stairs more than ever before. They sure have been nice to me. (Scratch wood!) However Ella doesn’t take her milk and emulsion as well as in Norwood - Minnie keeps at her all the time. I think she knows Minnie will remind her of it, (Ella says so herself), and so doesn’t bother much herself, altho she takes much better care of herself than last year when I was here. Lassie seems to stir up the family, also Frank. They have not been here much, and when Frank is around he is quite still -

Margaret -

How is grandmother’s cold?