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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother and Father, no year February 8

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Feb 8.

Dear Mother + Father:

The 100 odd in Heredity are being seated, so here goes a letter.

Had lunch with Helen + Mrs. Hertz at noon, then went to the station with them, + Helen + I walked home. It is a wonderful day. And here I am. I am going to see if the Dean's office will let me go back into Zo. I was a darn fool to drop a wonderful course like that, when I can learn about business, etc. from "I.P." Besides which, the new young Ec faculty didn't sound so wonderful to me either yesterday or today. We shall see. I'll have to go thru a lot of red-tape.

I ordered a seat for the 3 PM Friday. If I should miss it - the 11:37 has been late in its history - I'll take the 4 P.M. Shall we meet at Broad St.?

I had a card from aunt Pauline.

Otherwise nothing new.



Don't worry - Zo won't make my course any [harde]. The Dean's office changed my schedule in such a way that I'll be able to have my 4 lab hrs. in 2 periods.