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Houts, Annie | to Frank, Jun. 1874:

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June 18, 1874
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Vassar College, June 18, 1874.

My dear Frank,

I am enjoying my self very much here - altho' Tuesday evening hangs ominously over my head. I have not read the address in the chapel yet - the seniors had It all day yesterday rehearsing. I do not feel much alarmed as the time draws near. If I only knew more about the essays of the graduating class I should feel better or worse. I should hate to compare unfavorably with them. It will soon be over, any-way - bad or good. I have been to two parties.


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Friday evening I went to the party given by the Lady Principal to the Seniors - last night to Professor Mitchell's "Dome Party". She gives one every year to all of the students
and alumnae in her department (the Astronomical) and we take our refresh-ments under the big Telescope - in the dome. She is very bright and we all had a jolly good time. I find myself quite a "some body"— every one who was here when I was seems glad to see me - and it is all very nice-

But how I do miss those who were here when I was- and it seems so strange to have such a busy time going on and for me to be so much at leisure for when I was here I was always in the thickest of the fray. I am going out this morning for a walk over the grounds. They are looking very beautiful now. I will tell you now the plan I had partially made out for us- to be married about 10.30 A.M. then have a lunch- and take some kind of convey-ance for us all- viz- Sarah, Mary,^Geo. whoever comes with you and ourselves- and go to Wil's that afternoon - go from there to the Caves the next day
Thursday- stay there until Monday and be back to Portsmouth in time to leave the next Wednesday- The river may


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be so low by that time we will have to go by rail- but I hope not. With this plan we would have our own train and go all the way by land- but any changes or alterations you may wish to make- will be in order. I have just received yours enclosing the letters from Hawe-s and Ballard. Your replies to both parties are all right- I should not want to make any exchange without knowing about the Chicago property- and to sell to Hawes lower than any one else would be a ruinous policy. I am well and happy - and shall be so glad when the time comes for me to see you again. Take good care of your-self and
remember, I am always-
Your own

P.S, The change back to Cincin was all right. It dawned upon me after I had written to you - what you meant.

[Annie (Glidden) Houts, '69,
To Frank M. Houts j