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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother, 1923 May 18

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[May 18.]

Dear Mother,

I received the invitation and sent my regrets. Enclose my card with yours. Was Pete invited? I have no suggestion for the present. She has everything in the world already. Unless you need the rest very badly, i think it would be advisable for you to stay home long enough to go to the wedding. However, you know best. I know that Louise is extremely touchy--I don't know if she gets it from her parents or not.

Our farewell dinner is Tuesday night, June twelfth. I will be able to leave any time Wednesday. You see I have a whole week to pack in, so there is nothing to stay for I certainly do want to motor home with you. Will you go homeby way of N. Y.? Also, if Pete doesn't go home with us, would you like to take Helen, or would you object in the least? R. S. V. P.

My May date is the 25th, so my June one should be the 21.

I'll see the lady about the house, but I'm sure you can have it Friday. You see you are the sole occupants. It is really an exceptionally nice, white house for around here. I thought Sam could get himself a room and a place for the car in town, but I'll ask her. You see I hate to have him put anywhere where people's parents are. But I'll find out. If she can't get a room in Arlington, I think it foolish to have the car out here, and Sam in town, don't you? R. S. V. P.

You can easily go to Mohonk and back in a half day. Kro says they have a wonderful golf links, but I thought there was only a putting green for the old decrepit.

I think having books autographed is childish. I also think it will be just as satisfactory to hear the lecture, and not introduce myself. He has probably forgotten you and Father by this time, and it would mean very little to him to shake my hand.

What ever happened about the lot you saw, which you wouldn't tell me about, because you said you didn't know if it was available or not? Where was it.? R. S. V. P.

Don't forget the Corona ribbons. I need them badly. NEW KIND.

My exams are May 31, June 1st, and 2nd.

I wondered the other day if you would think it sensible to send my bed-box to keep stuff in. It could be kept under the cot in the third floor. You know we have so many college things that we want to keep and I think it would be nicer than having steamer trunks around[, like Pete's]. It is that nice yellow stuff, like the box in my room and the one in the third floor, and is as good as new. I think it would be a good idea if you do. R. S. V. P. right away. There is room for loads of thinks in it.


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The dress came and is all right now.

The janitor's office will ship my book-cases, wicker chair, china and glasses for $10. I forgot to ask about the rug, but that will merely make it a little more. Are you sure you don't want the dresser for a maid's room in "the new house"?

Last night was Senior Birthday Party (president's birthday) in Main at dinner. It was very nice. Did you use to have such an occasion, too?

Have you heard from Aunt Bessie? Do they still plan to come for Commencement? I wrote to her about two weeks ago, and haven't heard. She wrote me a long letter after spring vacation, planning definitely to come, but I don't know if she has changed her mind or not.

Am writing my Seminar topic now.

Haven't time to write another letter. Give father the interesting parts of this.

Give father the interesting parts of this.

Kindly notice that I answered all the questions, so please hold on to them and the exam dates. It will save time if I don't have to write them again. [Also, R.S.V.P. to M....]



You know how pretty it is around here, so we wouldn't be at a loss for picnics and rides if you came early, but do whichever is best for you. [How are you feeling since you're home? Are the N.Y. treatments overcome yet? RSVP

Ely is at present in A. City with her mother. Lucky dog!]