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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother and Father, undated

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Dear Mother + Father:

This is during room-drawing. It is terrible. It started at 9:30, Number 1 has drawn + the discussions are on. it is 11:30 now! We were beaten on 3rd [transept north] - Our only hope now is 1st. South [transept] - chapel corner. The only time there is ever any noise there is chapel time - when we go anyhow. We shall see!!!! And this is only the trial draw! It will be an all-day affair.

I was good for no work at all yes-terday. We were [tratting] thru Main the whole time. Hope Lucy doesn't come too early tomorrow!


Your half-dead Fannie

I can't tell for a day or so. Mother - if I can stay over for Sunday. Depends upon when I get "in Memoriam" + Hist. topic out of the way. Will it do if I let you know in a day?