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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother, 1919 March 2

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Dear Mother,

I certainly did write the letter without looking at the keyboard. I have also done some school-work, so am getting plenty of practice.

I received a letter from Harold today, thanking me for the socks. I am writing a letter to you thanking you for sending them. He surely made a good bluff at appreciating them.

If Mr. Manley speaks as well as he speaks often, it is all right, but he surely is spending all his time speechifying. But then I did predict that he would not end his life teaching high-school.

Miss Groff told me she was waiting for her doctor to come back to have the operation. She surely is having her share of trouble.

My shoes came from Hanan's today.

I was sure that they charge 75c for a shampoo at the Marinello.

The church bells are ringing this morning--I think I'll go to hear Father Devin tell me how to go to heaven, and then send Dr. Goldenson the outline.

I am actually going to finish my sweater this morning. Either I forgot my crocheting needle of I left it at home--at any rate I bought one yesterday and finished the collar.

The brother of Princeton Mr. Wintringer arrived.

There was a dance last night which I watched for a while.

I met the daughter of the man that is with Gov. Brumbaugh. Her name is Katherine Kolb. She is nineteen and seems to consider herself just about O.K. She visits in Pittsburgh every year with a girl that used to be in my class at Peabody before she transferred to Thurston.


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The weather is not so wonderful today, at least the sun is not out.

I forgot to tell you that Mrs. Brumbaugh asked me to play with her some morning, if I did not mind playing with someone who plays so much worse. If I were Pete I suppose I would feel highly flattered.

Harkers left last night. They surely have been nice to me.


March 2, 1919