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Adams, Ruth | to family, Jan. 1901:

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January 16, 1901

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: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904045001
Dear People:-
You will have to average up the letters you got last week and those you get this week because this has got to be very short. I am dreadfully busy this week on account of those rehearsals, and then of course Miss Hooker had to go and give me a conference today for which I have to write 2 long things. I really don't know when I can do them, but still. So I am sending you a note in the time between breakfast


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904045002
and first hour when it is very much against my principles to do anything. I usually go for a little walk. But of course you must know that I am prospering.
Miss Duiton, our Latin teacher is sick, so we are having samples of the others. They are much harder. Miss D's other two divisions got cuts and we were so mad when we didn't. However on Monday Dr. Shelberg couldn't come to Hygiene so we got excused from that. Sr. Sh. is having grippe, &


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904045003
her vaccination is taking hard (isn't that amusing). I am so afraid I shall get the grippe. Lots of people have it around here. As to the oranges. We get very good navel oranges for 35 a dz. Do you think it is too extravagant to eat there every night? I am so disappointed about the check, but anyway it is more than you thought it would be in the first place, isn't it? I think that subject for a paper would be lovely, Mamma.


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904045004
I shall try to imagine Papa playing whilst tonight. I expect the first time he tried to shuffle he will spill the cards all over the floor. But of course he wouldn't mind such little things!
Lots of love,


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904045005
Mrs. George B Adams
57 Edgehill Road
New Haven


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904045006

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