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Sylvester, Helen (Seymour) | to mother, Oct. 27, [1865?]:

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October 27, [1865?]
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Vassar College -
Oct 27th [1865?]
My dear Mother
I have not received a letter from you since I have
been here. I suppose the reason is that you have not written and I
suppose you have no time to write. I do hope you will not try and do
some of your wonderful days work. Have you no girl yet?
I wish I was at home to see how you are getting along and help,
and more than all to go to church Sunday at home. It is perfectly
forlorn here Sundays. We have to go to Bible class in the morning
that is pleasant for we have such a nice teacher - Prof Tenney. In


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the afternoon we go into the Chapel to listen to a Sermon from president Raymond, and he is generally rather dry.
Mr Corning who writes for the Independent, preaches at the Congregational church in Poughkeepsie. I think they will have to make
some provision before the year is over so the girls can go to church
for they are so dissatisfied.
Wont you tell Henry and Father not to forget to send me the Republic. It is almost as good as a letter for it comes from home and it is
so little trouble to send it.
When is Henry going to Norfolk? I wish I could go with him. He is
only going to stay a little while I suppose, and it would do me so much
good. I mean it would make me feel better,


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and the trouble is when
will I go if I do not go now? It will not be much out of school. However
if you do not wish me to go I wish you would have Henry stop when he
comes and when he goes home.
James has given me quite a graphic description of the way in which
you have fixed the rooms that are finished.
Have you got a minister yet? Have they succeeded in getting Mr
Brown? I expect you will have a minister when I return.
They are building a riding school and Gymnasium here I do not
think it will be done very soon though. They say it will be done in sixty
days as they can use it when the walls are up and the


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roof on. You must
remember me to Mrs Walker and Mr & Mrs Norton and Fanny. If Mrs
Walker is going to Albany I will call on her Thanksgiving when I go there.
They are entirely too strict here about the girls writing letters receiving
calls and visiting their friends in Poughkeepsie. All the girls are dis-
satisfied with them and I do not think they can be so strict long. Miss
Lyman is from Montreal and is very "English" in her notions.
Tell Henry if he wants me to finish the remainder of his afghan he
must bring me some money to buy the worsted when he comes to see me.
I will get it at New York. Clara Spaulding one of my roommates is making


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a beautiful one. I am making mine after the same style. Do write to me
soon and tell me what you are doing.
Your affectionate
daughter Ella