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Worthing, Margaret (Fletcher) | to family, June 2, 1909:

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2 June 1909

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Cranford, N.J.
June 2, 1909.

Dear parents; -

Yesterday P.M. we trolleyed to Plainfield to see Mrs. Florence Smith whom Ella speaks of so often. She is 23 and is married to a man 47! He is something like Uncle


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Frank! He married her for her money however. She is Cousin Ed’s god-child and her mother is Ella godmother. They have the prettiest house imaginable. She took us to the trolley in her auto which she [...s?] herself.

Today because we are going into the city to see Sothern and Marlowe it is raining.


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We planned to go to Brooklyn and to see [crossed out: the] Dr. Phillips this A.M. but when I rec’d a special delivery ! letter from Grace not to go to Canton (this A.M.) they continued to urge me to stay here longer, not to go to Brooklyn until Friday when Ella would go with them too and ^she would remain there over night for her class luncheon on Sat. and I could go to West Point from Pokeepsie on Sat. So I’m coming back here tonight to stay until Friday.

They have been so nice to me I fear something will happen. Cousin Minnie quite opens her [crossed out: mouth] to me. Cousin Ed has returned to the place where he insists nothing [ailes?] Ella, but I guess he will let them go north.


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They think I am dreadfully noisy around the house.

I am sending the little Pollies a little puzzle - unless I find it is too heavy. Hope they are better.

Your loving
daughter -

Don’t write me here again for I fear I will [crossed out: write] leave here


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