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Pease, Julia M. | to Cara, Fall 1874:

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Sunday night
[Fall 1874]
Dear Cara,
In spite of feeling miserably stupid and sleepy, I yet must
write you a few words before retiring, for fear that time will be lacking
tomorrow. Tonight I have made but one call, although there are many
others which should have been made, but It is always a great effort for me
to start, and after going in town to church I am unusually tired. Our Senior parlor was opened last evening and has since been quite a "belle". Teachers and students have been flocking there continually. This


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room, you must know, belongs exclusively to us, for our little meetings, and for us to spend social evenings in together, whenever we desire - It is furnished very prettily in maroon, and contains many very pretty pictures. One in particular, "Little Foxes" an etching, I should like very much to have myself, for our house at home, it belongs to Mary Taylor In
one corner of the room is my "Playing Doctor," which is a good deal admired. That is the only contribution I have made in addition to the Class tax, but that is sufficient I think


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As you already know I am on the committee of arrangements for my Chapter, Delta by name. Well, matters have looked pretty dark for some time but are brightening now. Only twenty five belong while the other societies number forty or more, but we have several new members in view. Miss Terry let us have her parlor for our meeting Friday night, and that was enjoyed greatly by all for we could use her piano and have music. By the way I am reminded to tell you that soft tinting, as it is called, for the walls does not cost a great deal; it is painting which is expensive,


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I am going to ask Prof. Van Ingen about it, for I still hope that we might have our Dining room done-
There are some pretty carpets In cheap ones, for after much
trouble the one in our Senior parlor has been selected and is pretty. It
is like a Brussels pattern, a soft grey with twistings and intricacies of
darker shade - Last night came Papa's letter and Mamma's giving me
great pleasure. It is very pleasant to get the letter Saturday night, and
yours when it comes in the middle of the week somewhere -
With much love,