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Houts, Annie | to John Houts, Apr. 1867:

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April 20, 1867
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Vassar College, April 20, 1867.
My dear Brother,
I received yours of April 9, and was delighted to hear from you. I suppose the first and all-important topic is the little new-comer. Poor Robbie's nose is disjointed, but I hope not permanently so. As to the name, I have thought much on it, and held lengthy discussions on the subject with my friends. There is one name I like best of all, first, because it belongs to the handsomest, manliest little fellow I ever saw, secondly because said little fellow is the brother of one of my dearest friends, here, and third because it sounds well "hitched onto" Glidden. I have considered it in all its bearings, nicknames and initials and am fully convinced that it


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is the name that would suit me best. But, don't by any manner of means, inflict it upon the child, if you don't like it. Perhaps, after this dissertation, you would like to know what it is. "Melville Cramer" it is. "M.C.G." are pretty initials & "Mellie" is a pretty pet name. What say you? I also think "Gordon" is a very pretty name, and "Walter", but, as I have already remarked the first one suits me best.
I have heard or seen nothing of Col. McDowell. I suppose he must have come while I was away or more probably not have come at all. I don't think he would have seen me any way, if he had not had a letter of introduction from you. All visitors are required to have a letter of introduction from parents or guardian. I was away a little more than a week, and had a pleasant time with the one exception that I had a bad cold all the time. I have


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been under Miss Avery's care since my return and am all well now. I visited the sister of my friend Helen Thomas, with Helen. She lives a mile from Burlington, N.J. and that is just about the queerest place I ever saw. It is old, a very ancient place. Every-thing looks sort of "Rip Van Winkllsh". There are very many handsome residences in the environs of the city, if it can be so called, and beautiful drives. There is an Episcopal seminary there for young ladies, "St. Mary's Hall". It is beautifully situated right on the shore of the Deleware, and the grounds are lovely. It seemed so strange to me to see a river without banks on either side. Every one here is busy now preparing for "Founder's Day", one week from next Monday. After that come the preparations for June, Commencement, Society Exhibition, and it makes me groan to think of it. We have been


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classified again, and I rank as full sophomore, provided I pass an examination in Botany and Physical Geography, before the end of the year, which I shall endeavor tc do. I shall have to cram, as the girls say, some Saturday, and then I think I can wade through it. As to your compliment on my chirography, it is wholly undeserved, a sentiment which I think you will hold, in common with myself, when you cast your eye upon this sheet. It is indeed a good thing to have a clear, plain, good hand. I was some what surprised at your thinking I was improving, for, of late, I have been mourning in secret over my degeneracy, in that respect. You quite encourage me. I have an engagement at eight, and as it is now but five minutes of that time.

I must bid you "good-night." I send you a picture of Mr. Vassar for yourself, and one of Miss Avery, which


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you can keep until I call for it. They are both very good. Give a very great deal of love to Mary, for me, and kiss the little ones. Write as soon as you can. With a kiss and an earnest prayer for your-self.
Your loving sis
[Annie (Glidden) Houts, '69]
P.S. I did'nt have room for the "tor".