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Eldridge, Muriel (Tilden) | to Mother, circa 19 January 1914

VC 1914
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[Jan. 19, 1914]
306 Main Hall, V.C.
Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Dear Mother - 
    Of course I arrived O.K. right on time, too, much to my amazement. Saturday was jammed full - Glee Club rehearsal until after ten to start off with. I had no sooner landed in my room than the messenger came up and said that a Mr. Taylor of Springfield would like to see Miss Tilden. I


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had never heard of Mr. Taylor, but I went down to see him. He gave me a letter of introduction from Mr. Mead and then introduced a Mr. Lorentz who was with him. It seems that they were members of the gym. team of the Y.M.C.A College of Springfield (where mr. Mead is a Senior) and had come to Poughkeepsie to give a gymnastic exhibition here at the Y.M.C.A. They were mighty nice and I enjoyed a very pleasant half hour’s chat with them.
    We didn't have the ice carnival after all, for we had a terrific snow-storm that covered everything a foot deep. It was too bad for they had the grandstand built and everything. We may have it tonight, I don’t know - have to see Annie after Ethics class and find out.
    Pres. took me to the Inn for supper last night - she’s the


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nicest youngster that ever was and I like her better all the time.
    Exams are drawing perilously near - and I can see where I hibernate behind an “Engaged” sign for the next week in company with most of my co-workers.
    I can’t stay the entire week-end that’s coming after all - I’m not going to the Alumnae luncheon  - must get back Friday as usual and labor before Ethics,- etc. 
    Muriel - 


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JAN 19
1 30 PM

Mrs. B.O. Tilden - 
291 Westminster Road - 
Brooklyn, N.Y.