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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother and Father, 1920 April 14

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April 14, 1920

Dear Mother + Father,

Cousin Abe, Edwin, + Bea's little brother got on the train at East Liberty. Other Jews on the train were: - Helen Klee, Mr. Klee, Frank Glick, Mr. Henry Kaufmann, + Mr. Morris Kings [brother] ([lliwch]). Had you known Cousin Abe had the [berth] almost across from me, you probably would have [been] easy about my leaving. Marse met me at the station. he went along with the Raubs to the Knickerbocker for breakfast. Bea's aunt. Ms. [Strauss], came in after awhile. She looks pretty gay to me. Marse insisted that inasmuch as I could do nothing but sit around and [saburrrso](?), as he said, and knowing that time was precious to me I should leave on the 9:30 - "which I done", as [Potash] says. There was some [uncertainty about the 11:30's leaving. I met a girl at the Pough. station who came up on that train because neither the 7:00 nor 7:45 left Sunday night. I could not get a parlor car seat, but [had] one in the middle of the coach. There were people standing all the way up. I came out here in a taxi and just made lunch.

I felt very badly, so I went to bed at 1:30 + staid till 5:30. I did my French in bed, and rested [2] hrs. I went to bed last night at 9. but could not sleep for age. Thanks for not letting me go Saturday night. I could have let my-self become discouraged if I had let


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myself do so. Today I am not much better, but I shall take it very easy. I do hope it is only from travel + the necessary walking yesterday.

Lots of the girls are already wearing summer clothes, + baseball practice is in full swing. [D]-----------! This is a good training for not having what you want.

Makeup so far as I know, is as follows: -

History - none

French - 1 composition

Latin - 2 days translation in Virgil's [Buches]

English - Read 1 essay. Write 1 very long theme. "2 days' assignment of Masefield's poetry

Math - I don't know yet, but it will be the worst of all.

Dr. Scott was in the office yesterday, [so] she said she would turn my excuses over to Dr. B.

Mrs. Kaufmann wrote Lucy I was not coming back. [Ask] Dr. Z if those pills are the same as what I got at the [W. Penn]. They are not as effective.



My truck is here.

Miss Smith just gave me my excuses, and she told me to be sure to lie down every day. What she knows about me I don't know, but I was surprised that she should start giving me advice.

April 14.