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Foster, Frances (Harmon) Miller | to Louisa, Apr. 14, 1866:

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April 14, 1866
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Vassar College April 14th [1866?]

Dear Louisa.

I did not intend to answer your letter to day but I fear if I do not you won't get a letter from me before week after next.which would be almost too long when you were so prompt in writing to me. This is Saturday afternoon, and we are all sitting by the Corridor windows as usual. I am feeling quite good this afternoon we have been talking about the Founders Festival which is to be next on Monday, the Founder (Mr Vassar's) birthday. The whole day Is to be a holiday but the Festival is not to commence until


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evening the whole college are going out to meet Mr. Vassar at the gate and form in two lines and let "his" carriage pass through, and then we are all going to repair to the chapel, where we are to have some exercises and Henry Ward. Beecher. is going to take part in them then all the ministers in Poughkeepsie are to be here, and after the chapel we are to have an entertainment in the dining-room, which I suppose will be fine, after that, we are to have a reception in the parlours. I will tell you more about it when it happens.

I arose this morning about half past five and walked until breakfast time so had quite an appetite for my breakfast, which is quite unusual, for me I am sorry and yet glad that


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this day is most through I am glad that it is one day nearer, home and sorry, that it is one day nearer Monday. I know it is wicked to wish time to fly, when I know so little but I can't help it once in a while, Mate Judson is reading a love story to us. and I am afraid your letter won't be very interesting, We had also, a fire here but it did'ent amount to much, the gallery behind one of the gas burners burned a little but not much. Miss Lyman ^acted very bravely, and threw her shawl over it. there is'ent much going on that would be interesting to write you. we are all busy studying, going to chapel, recicting etc. I have not been to Poughkeepsie since I came back, perhaps I shall go the last of next week.


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if I can go without a Teacher if one of the twenty girls will go with me. I sha'nt go with a Teacher if I don't go at all. I am sorry, that Mrs. Hill is so sick I hope she will be better soon. I suppose. Mr.H will be home for tomorrow. I would like to be there to hear, him preach, but suppose will have to be content to hear. President Raymond, who preaches very well, but is pretty "long.winded" which we don't like as much. We have seen some young gentelmen come up here, this afternoon, and we were sure we saw. Bannard. but I guess it was'ent. as we have 'nt seen anything of him yet. I went out rowing the other day and had a fine time. I wish I knew how to row. most all the girls do here perhaps I will some day


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What are you going to have this summer for a hat. I am going to get mine in Poughkeepsie I suppose it will be a grand affair as my hats generally are, but I think I have written quite as much as did you and wouldent dare write any more for fear of. I don't know what. but. I must close, give my love to all folks, and keep a good share to yourself.

I remain
Your Affectionate Friend Frank