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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother and Father, postmarked 1923 March 14

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Mar 23 - Apr 4 Vacation My Dear Mother: date is Mar. 29

I hope you'll come to the Smith debate in preference to Williams, Apr. 29. I wired so that you would have no last minute rush.

Atlantic with golf sounds ideal, plus you + Father. I'll consider it final unless you write otherwise. We could stay in N.Y. Friday aft. + Sat.

Please remember + attend to these following 2 things: perfectly good rose point lace from a white dress in my chiff. drawer. Have Mrs, Madden wash it + bring it to N.Y., as I think it would make a beautiful collar + cuff + girdle [trimming] for the rose voile. It will be very pretty. I think a circular skirt would be pretty. bring any other usable lace around.

2 Also [get] the address of Marse's sweater place as I need an orange sweater for my [sport] skirt. His orange silk is in [shreads,] + I'll need it for golf in Atlantic. Hastily, F.


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Bring the Browning to Smith as I want it on train coming back.


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[This side of card is for address]

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Aaron,
402 Winebiddle Ave.,
Pittsburgh, Pa.