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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother, 1923 February 20

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Tuesday night.

Dear Mother + Father:

I slept from 3 to 4:30 + was up in the parlor by the fire from 5 to 6:30. You can't begin to imagine how weak I am. I felt as tho' I had carried Main across campus on my back when I got back to bed! I told Dr. B. tonight + she said that's the way its effect-ing everyone this winter. I'm getting a tonic - I suppose it will just take time. I'm not trying to work; I can't use my eyes much in bed + work is so much harder when one is weak that it's foolish to stew over [it]. I'm not worried about it I'm only sorry that make-up + debate will conflict.


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Think now I shall drop Tol-erance. It's a bore, + I'm too fond of Miss Ellery to drop her course. And I don't think it would be decent to drop Ec [Sem] - much as I would like to - [since Millsy] probably [kept] somebody else out by letting me in - + I shouldn't be taking it, theoretically, unless it's my chief interest.

Your special received. I certainly will be careful + take it easy. One experience like last fall was enough. Moreover, I was considerably sicker this time. and the doctor are more careful than they were. then. Everyone seems to be in bed 5 or 6 days with it.

My greatest difficult is [forming] the down. It is so greasy + sloppy + luke-warm + unappetizing.

It would have been foolish for you to come, Father, but, as a matter-of-fact fathers are allowed around the Infirm. There is one girl here who is terribly sick. She had grippe for a week in her room + tried to take care of herself without [sending]


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for the Dr. They brought her over on a stretcher. + have her in a single with a night and day nurse. Her father has been here for a week. Her mother died of pneumonia last yr. + they are terribly worried about her. They had a [NY] Dr. [lef] night before last. I bet she is regretting her foolishness! All this merely by way of telling you Fathers are allowed around. But she has a single - maybe that makes a diff. Anyhow. I'd rather have you here when I am around + we can enjoy each other's company in a state of pep.

I'd come home to get strong but I think it might be foolish to travel when weak. Don't you? RSVP.



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Eliz. was over this P.M. She said [Lewisohn] was extremely interesting last night, but terrible-looking, + she didn't care for his personality - too sarcastic + superior + cock-sure of himself, That goes pretty well with the tone of 'Upstream' - doesn't it?



What may be the diff. between [Flu + Grippe] - I'd surely like to know.