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Adams, Ruth | to family, Apr. 1901:

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April 1901

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Dear people:
I am so sorry not to have got this in yesterday, but Wednesday is particularly hard you know. i have an essay to get in, a conversation hour in german and prose in latin to prepare for the next day. The prose paper I got back this time was better I am glad to say. Nobody talks about anything but rooms now-a-days. The incoming senior draw this afternoon, the juniors a week from


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904068002
today, and we 2 weeks from today. Everyone is in such a muss and excitement. Oh if only we could do just what we want to it would be so nice but I suppose it's impossible. They say it is dreadful (the drawing I mean) every body loses their head and you hate you best friends etc. I wish it were over. The weather keeps lovely and warm. The girls are out almost all day, play bockel ball, or training, or play golf. The circle is filled with people


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904068003
like a big reception in the afternoon, only they all come without their skirts. You will be interested to hear I have left off my flannels. I haven't worn a hat since I got back to college. When do my dresses come? I life my little scissors, + my cuff buttons at home. Will you send them please? I don't know what pins I left but you might as well send them along. I see there is a students meeting posted for Friday night. I am so anxious to hear what the Faculty


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thought of our amendment. I have posted some more postal cards in. Saturday night a whole lot of us, about 20, are going in to see the Williams' dramatic club which is coming then. Isn't that fun. I never saw men play women's parts. Edith knows 4 of the men, and they are coming out to dinner with her. Two of them are to be ladies.