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Stem, Sarah M.| to family, Feb. 25, 1868:

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February 25, 1868
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Vassar College N.Y.
Feb. 25th 1868
My Dear Sister,
"I took my pen in
hand, and sat down to write
you a letter with a lead-pencil"
last Sunday, but I felt so horrid-
ly, that I thought I wouldn't!
Today is a day of prayer
for colleges; consequently we
all have a holiday. It is a
perfectly charming day, It is
just like Spring.
We hadn't much of a
celebration of Washington's birth-
day, except that Miss Lyman
told us in the morning that
George Washington was a gen-
tleman.' by some unaccount-
able freak of memory, she


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forgot to tell us about the cher-
ry tree! We did not even have
any-thing extra for dinners; scan-
dalous, don't you think so?
Kittle Reber's mother hasn't
come yet I think it is so funny
that she don't hear from her.
I received a short note
from Aunty last Saturday. She
said that she was just about
starting into Philadelphia with
Mrs. E. Cooke, and they were ex-
pecting to stay with Mr. Moorhead
a week. I suppose you know
that she is coming here to stay
with me a while after she gets
through with her visit there.
We had quite an inte-
resting lecture last week by Prof.
Silliman of Yale. His subject
was the Yosemite valley. He
gave us a great many represent


: VCLLettersStemSarahM1872003003
ions of the scenery, upon canvas,
by the aid of the magic lantern.
But his lantern was not a very
good one and went out several
times at very interesting parts
of the speech. The prof, said that
it was very tired and had gone
to bed.
Last Sunday, Mr. Fletcher,
a South American missionary,
preached to us upon the sub-
ject of Spain. He took his text
from Romans. He gave
us a great many interesting facts,
and was highly entertaining.
One thing which very much
surprised me was that Queen
Isabella was not a bad wo-
man at all that the only
wicked thing she ever did
was to persecute the Christiana.
Dr. Raymond Shakes-


: VCLLettersStemSarahM1872003004
peare to us Monday night. I mean
Hamlet. I have told you before
what how magnificently he
reads Shakespeare.
Sallie Camp received a
gay old box yeaterday from a
cousin Sarah Steele (?) of hers
in Buffalo, and a Sallie Rip-
ly brought up any amount
of candy and good things,
we are having a feasting time.
Sallie always has something good.
You made some reference
in your letter to your Quaker
ancestry, won't you just please
trace that ancestry for I did
not know that I had descended
from Quakers.
Have you heard any-
thing from Aunty in regard
to that house. Wouldn't
it be splendid if she could bye


: VCLLettersStemSarahM1872003005
it.' It is in such a splendid neighborhood.
I wonder where the Gale'a are going, but I
must stop, for it is getting late.
You will write reel soon won't you?
Your loving soeur,