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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother and Father, 1923 February 28

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Feb. 28, '23

Dear Mother and Father:

I went up to Miss Thompson’s office to explain to her about dropping the course, and she was very nice about it. She said she thought I was doing the wise thing, and understood perfectly. I like her very much personally, but I don't think she is such a wonderful teacher, so I amnnot wasting any regrets about the way things turned out.

I worked quite a while on my EC topic today. It is very interesting. I was working in Webb's "Industrial Democracy” on wage theories.

I worked on debate two hours this after-noon. I am inclined to favor the affirmative,
but I want to debate negative so as to go to Smith. Pap, as a Pittsburgher, have you
any dope or could you suggest any points far or against gov't ownership and control (not administration) of the coal mines?

Pete, Jim Armstrong's address is ”American University, Beirut, Syria.

I was sorry to hear about Sam. Maybe they'II lay off that noise-machine now!


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The million dollar shoes came this afternoon, but I have not had a chance to wear them yet, so I cannot report.

I had anote from Evelyn Goldenson today. She certainly has taken her school instruction in letter—writing to heart. It was almost a "I take my pen in hand" form.

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron, once upon a time you suggested going to Pinehurst for vacation. Now that I dropped a course, I will be able to stay away the whole vacation, and even longer, without difficulty, so would you care to re-consider it? I think it would be most delightful? What do you think? Of course, I am perfectly willing to come home!




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Miss Fannie Aaron announces that she has formally and finally ceased to be a member of the class in American History. Her schedule is thus changed that she can go away week-ends on the 1:09 train - if she ever goes away.



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Had dinner at the Lodge last night. I am still not terribly strong.

Did you ever get the cap + gown snapshot I sent you to N.Y.? You never acknowledged it.

[Inc w/ 28 Feb 1923]