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Eldridge, Muriel (Tilden) | to Mother, 15 January 1911

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Grace Harvey’s Room
Sunday p.m.

Mother dear -
Now, for a good old spiel of a letter - I thought I’d wait till I got my trunk before I wrote and then I could acknowledge its safe arrival - it came Thursday p.m. - so I thought “no use writing now for Mother’ll be here tomorrow” and Friday I


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applied the same reasoning - but no Ma! Now I have pined and peaked and grieved long enough so I’m writing anyhow - but I do hope you’ll appear Monday. Tuesday evening I met Bill in Grand Central - didn’t see anybody I ‘specially liked going up on the 6:32, so I waited and took the 7:10. Bill bought me another box of candy and purchased a magazine + a newspaper for me. Consequently, I was in Poughkeepsie ere I had time to think about the time, for I’d been so [refrossed] in reading the stories in the mag.
Wednesday I went to


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Classes, of course, and as I had little work assigned for the next day - took an hour off and went skating - oh speaking of skating - let me tell you something joyous. You know every year we have an ice carnival. It is held on the college lake in the


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evening. We have big bonfires here and there and a band in the middle. First there is a “grand march” and then general skating - like a dance - you take partners for each number. Well there are eight girls that had the march - the two best skaters in each of the classes


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And I’m one of the two from our class! Talk about being pleased! - ! Friday night Ludwig Hess - whoever he is - gave a recital here. I didn’t go, as the program was entirely of German songs - and my knowledge of German is limited to say the least.
Last night ‘12 gave a German for ‘14 - all the hockey + basket-ball people went. It was a masquerade and we had loads of fun. I went as a society lady in an extremely low necked black satin gown with a train but no sleeves whatsoever - jet earrings - black satin slippers - the scarf Dad


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gave me - a huge pink rose at my belt and numerous other accessories. My hair was piled way high on my head and I had a black mask. That may sound trashy but my! I was [Beaut-chous].
I wore my white corduroy today - the girls loved it.


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Oh dear! There are so many things I want to talk to you about. In the first place if I’m going to have a man come up for the dance I’ve got to hustle and ask him, The girls have their orders all made out now. Had it better be Ronald Lilton, Robbie Edridge, Herbert


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Rogers or Bill? I hate to ask Dick for it would cost him $50 before he got through, I’m afraid.
Here’s another thing! Have I got to render Dr. Thelberg a “specimen?” I’d rather be kicked - and truly I’m following all directions so I know I’m o.k. I can’t stand that woman. She stopped me in the hall tonight to look at our feet (Ted and Dot and I) Thank goodness she got stung! I had on my high white shoes. I’ve made my elections


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for next semester - English, Harmony, Physics (a course on Sound and Musical Instruments) Economics and History. I do wish you come up and fix this Semester’s work. Mrs. Fitz says that she and I have some hard sessions ahead of us - and I don’t know whether that means as a tutor or not. Have much to do so goodnight. Muriel


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15 12 00 M

Mrs. B. O. Tilden
291 Westminster Road
Brooklyn, N.Y.


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Please send me all the history note-books you can find on the shelf in Babe’s closet, when you send my laundry - also many handkerchiefs and stockings.

It has been between 20 and 30 degrees below zero ever since I came back!


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