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Worthing, Margaret (Fletcher) | to family, June 1, 1907:

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1 June 1908

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Cranf’d -
Tues. A.M.
June 1st


Dearest parents; -

My epistle yesterday was cut short when I realized it was time to go over to the Golf Club. Frank took us over on Tom Wrenn’s (an ad-


: VCL_Letters_Worthing-Margaret-Fletcher_1908-06-01_075_003_024_002
mirerer of Ella, ab’t 32 yrs. of age) invitation. Frank does not belong to it now, so steep a price for him and he has only a little time to be over there - Theresa and her millionaire suitor ^from Montclaire, John Hollenback were to be there but his brother came to take him home before they got around to come.

Yesterday being a


: VCL_Letters_Worthing-Margaret-Fletcher_1908-06-01_075_003_024_003
holiday, they were playing tennis and golf finals. There were some great players. The girl Frank had at the dance, Jen Benedict, Theresa cousin,, from Montclair was there too. She is exactly like Inez Milholland, but the worst man hunter I ever hope to see.

I was telling ab’t the dance in my last letter. Ella went but did not dance, only served, while Tom Wrenn, who went stag [crossed out: g], entertained her or the other way possibly. Cousin Minnie played bridge, but did not dance. The fellow who took me, was very noice and could talk, the latter fact pleased me immensely.

Sun. evening, Theresa


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had her man, John Hollenback, the same one I mentioned before, over, also Frank, Ella, three Cranf’d fellows, and myself at her house, her sister and her cousin, the one like Inez Milholland were also there. We sang etc-

Last night Cousin Minnie, Ella & I played bridge by ourselves -


: VCL_Letters_Worthing-Margaret-Fletcher_1908-06-01_075_003_024_005
They quite scare me by their entertainment - They urge me to stay longer, but if Frank can get us tickets Ella & I are going to hear Sothern and Marlowe in “Romeo and Juliet” tomorrow P.M.!! go over to Brooklyn in the A.M. - then [...] to Pokeepsie in the evening.

Did you write Fan?


: VCL_Letters_Worthing-Margaret-Fletcher_1908-06-01_075_003_024_006
I did. If we are not going to West Point Sat., I may pack up Thurs. take the sleeper Thurs night and [crossed out: stay] stop over at Canton for interscholastic and come home at midnight Friday. I fear Grace may object to this plan tho. But I don't care particularly ab't V.C. commencement this year.

I guess Cousin Minnie has decided for sure that Ella will come North, she has lost on the average 1 1/2 lb. since she came home.

My little [gr...e?] is dear and fits just right. You're a good "server, Momie, but don't work too hard - Send the same message to dad, also. Are my documents! finished yet?