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MacCoy, Marjorie Newell | to Family, 10 January 1909

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Jan. 10, 1909

Dear Family:-

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        It is a rainy raw day, but we are all so pleased to think that J was today, and not yesterday, for yesterday evening they had the Carnival. It was so pretty, and the music was great. This is so early that maybe we can get in another one before the “season closes.”
    Friday night the Kniesel quartette [quartet] came, and J was five! The celloist [cellist] had a [solo], and tho’ [though] he can’t hold a candle to [Andre] Hekking, he was pretty good. It was Vals birthday Friday, and her room 


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is a general [unreadable]! We had breakfast [over] there this a.m. along with Jean and Becky Watson. It was scrumptious! Anna Strickland’s cousin Dorothy Blackford is coming over to dinner on Tuesday, and I’m hoping to hear everything about the good [times] in [Bangor], for she was there over Christmas. Frances [Cutler] was here today and she told me [some] about J. 
There is absolutely no [news] except “exams.” Oh yes! The Third [Hall] Play is probably to be “Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines.” Won’t it be cute? Lilias presented [me] with [my] [Yeat’s] Poems, and I


: VCL_Letters_MacCoy-Marjorie-Newell_1909-01_1909-03_041_001_003
am preparing for an [unreadable] this p.m.
    I hope everything is O.K. at home. Poor Rose [Browne] is in the Infirmary, but she’ll probably be out by tomorrow. 
    Bye bye now. Lots of love from 


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[Postmark:     Poughkeepsie N.Y.
        Jan 11
        11 AM

Dr. Alexander W. MacCoy
Mrs. William P. Logan
    Overbrook Ave. and 58th St.