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Worthing, Margaret (Fletcher) | to family, May 25, 1908:

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25 May 1908

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May 25, 1908-

Dear parents; -

I am at Cary’s writing for dinner (at noon): My pen is dry so I use pencil.

Papa’s letter came this A.M. Also the Round Robin.

G. wrote Sat. didn’t she? That night the Juniors gave the Seniors a boat ride. The Juniors


: VCL_Letters_Worthing-Margaret-Fletcher_1908-05-25_075_003_018_002
impersonated (if that’s the word) “The Doll’s House” on the boat and they said it was great.

The Sophs and Fresh sang at the lodge as they were leaving, then sang on the library steps and marched to chapel as they did last year.

I did not see any of the performance as I had a two hour lesson.

I didn’t hear Grace


: VCL_Letters_Worthing-Margaret-Fletcher_1908-05-25_075_003_018_003
play the organ at chapel either. Prof. Gow, and Clara Foss who substitutes for Prof. Gow, went on the ride, so Clara Foss asked G. to play. Papa, she was the girl who took us into the Assembly Hall to the organ the first day - when we were waiting to see Mrs. K. -

Then later in the evening the Sophs entertained the Fresh at a Stunt Party ^in the athletic circle. They imitated the faculty, and the Freshmen who have marked characteristics and peculiarities.- They said it was great.

Sunday Hugh Black preached - and of course was fine.

We both went to dinner with Mabel. Spent the P.M.


: VCL_Letters_Worthing-Margaret-Fletcher_1908-05-25_075_003_018_004
under the tree, the three of us, and had our supper there. We ordered salad, sandwitches and ginger ale from the [...un?]. My it was hot!

Ella writes she won’t like it if I go back ^home without coming to Cranf’d and wants G. to come too of course. We might go between exams and commencem’t,


: VCL_Letters_Worthing-Margaret-Fletcher_1908-05-25_075_003_018_005
if you think best.

Then board for 3 or 3 ½ w’ks at $8.50 per week. Would like to get some furniture for next yr. It’s cheaper now than in the fall. The room has no rug, the girls will sell the rug there now for $7.50. I think we better get it, second hand furniture is as good as new - We can sell it ^(the rug) when we


: VCL_Letters_Worthing-Margaret-Fletcher_1908-05-25_075_003_018_006
get thru with it.

My [Fr.?] lessons are $.75 each and Lat. $1.00. $30 will cover that I’m sure - and to think I might have gotten thru on nothing extra last June.

There is [another?] bill, I do not know the exact am’t but perhaps $10. It’s not as much as that tho.

Can’t we have some of it this week?

Then we want a little for extras -

M’g’t -