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Frantz, Edna (Bachman) — to Rosemarie Boyle, June 2, 1915

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02 Jun 1915
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308 Davison, Vassar.
June 2, 1915.

Dear Rosemarie,

Your card came yesterday and I am following your suggestion as you see. It really is shameful the way I’ve neglected everyone this spring, but then I never have flitted about so much as I have since Spring vacation.

This is examination week and I still have two to take. I just returned from Junior Week at Colgate University last Sunday. Lucile Cook, another Junior, went with me and stayed at the same fraternity house. “Cookie” and I left last Wednesday and met our friends in Utica. We arrived in Hamilton just before dinner. Both of us had been


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to Phi Gamma Delta house-parties before, so we felt awfully glad to get back with our old friends. That night the Dramatic Club gave “The Fortune Hunter”. Cookie’s man was the hero. It was perfectly splendid. After the party we watched the “Frosh” bury their Algebras, then went back to the house to dance.

Thursday morning we went to chapel and to classes. In the afternoon Colgate played Syracuse. During the game I received a telegram from college, bearing the cheerful news that I had won a music scholarship for next year. After the game the Freshmen gave a circus, featuring Charlie chaplin. It was really very amusing. In the evening the Musical Clubs gave an excellent concert. We visited the Dekes and Phi Psi’s that night and danced until four.


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Friday Colgate played Middlebury (soon to be my third “Alma Mater”-) In the evening the Junior Dance began. It was the prettiest dance I’ve ever been to. The gym was arranged and decorated to look like an Oriental temple. Incense was burned before the dance started. [Zita’s?] orchestra furnished the music. During a number of the dances the lights were turned out and colored lights thrown on the dancers. You can imagine how lovely the effect was. During one dance the men carried little spotlights and Japanese umbrellas. The prom lasted until five and then we danced at the house until nine.

Saturday there was an inter-fraternity dance which lasted until twelve, then we all sat around the fire in the dining room.


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“Cookie” and I had to leave Sunday as we had examinations on Monday so we missed the Phi Gam picnic at Lake Morain.

All Spring I’ve been going away visiting and having company. Several weeks ago I was in Troy. We motored to Saratoga Springs, went to the theatre, had a card-party and a dinner party. It was a very gay week-end.

I had the Troy girls visit me in May over Founder’s Week-end - Third Hall play “Medea” was given and was a big success. Field-Day gave 1916 a chance to show her colors. We won the track banner and also the Song Contest cup. Sophomore Tree Ceremonies were very beautiful. Druid worship and dances from the Orient were the features.


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One week-end we went to Slabsides to visit John Burroughs, the great naturalist. Two weeks ago a big party of us went on a mountain-climbing expedition in the Catskills.

I’m afraid it’s going to be hard to ever settle down again after all this “batting” around.

I expect to be home some time next week and want to see a lot of you as in two weeks I’ll be leaving again for Vermont.

Lots of love to you,