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Houts, Annie | to John Houts, Jan. 1869

VC 1869
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January 25, 1869
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Vassar College, Jan. 25,/69.
My darling Brother,
Yours of Jan. 20 came duly to hand and I was most
truly glad to receive it. I am glad to be assured of your love and trust,
and to know that your feelings towards me were not such as I feared. I
understand your feelings towards those you love, as you speak of them,
for X feel that they are my own. The power of those X love to hurt me is
greater far than their power to anger me. X feel so near to you, to-night,
my heart goes out towards you in love and thankfulness. X can not find
words to express to you, my thoughts It emotions, this evening. Cod knows
my thoughts and prayers for you, and mayhap, in some


: VCLLettersHoutsAnnie1869023002
lonely hour, His
Spirit may comfort you, by whispering in your ear, of them.
Every-thing goes on here about as usual, every day busy, and full
of work. We are studying electro-plating in Chemistry, and practicing in
the Laboratory plating keys, rings or any little articles we have. The first
half-year closes in about two weeks, when we shall have to say good-bye to
our Chemistry. We have made an elfort to secure two lectures a week
from the Professor, for the rest of the year, which X think he will give us.
X expect to go to Po'keepsic next Friday evening to hear Curtiss lecture.
We had a very fine lecture, here, last week, from a Naturalist, who has
recently returned from a trip through the valley of the Amason and across
the Andes, on scientific investigations. His lecture comprised an account
of a portion of his trip and of the general


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features of the country, particular-
ising certain portions for more minute description. South America Is
Dec. 13, 1868 - 2
certainly a paradise for the Naturalist, for nowhere is Nature so gigantic
and grand, or so lavish of verdure. We have been enjoying such glorious
weather, the past two weeks. X never saw such beautiful clear days in
January. They are splendid for Winter sports, aad the girls all are mak-
ing the best of them, sleigh-riding, skating aad sliding down hill, vigor-
ously and perseveringly, spite of bumps and bruises. I have done my
share of skating, and sleighing, but have not yet participated in the "coast-
ing." Our Society of Religious Inquiry, In the College, the object of which is
to keep its members Informed as to the general state of Religion throughout
the world, had a very interesting meeting last Sunday evening. A paper was
read, containing various articles of interest, In regard to both


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home and
foreign missionary work, and quite an interest was created In the College.
Yes, my brother, we all can labor for Christ, we all have that glorious
privilege, and my highest aim Is to work for and with Him, and my fervent
prayer to God is that He will show me where I can do His service best. How
little all our life seems, when compared with that great Eternity to which we
are fast going. God grant that ours may be an Eternity of Peace, Joy and
Love, with Him.
W rite to me soon again dear brother and believe me.
Your loving Sister,
Annie M. Glidden.
(Annie (Glidden) Houts, »69,