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Adams, Ruth | to family, Mar. 1901:

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March 2, 1901

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Dear people:-
You have no idea what a bereaved state we are in. Lucile has been feeling miserably for a long time and today we pulled wires, and made her go home much against her will. We also send Dube to the infirmary for over Sunday to get rested. And Cora went home. Edith and I remain the champions on the victorious fields. Lucile has got into a dreadful state, a kind of fever


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she had no time for anything, and even tho. she felt dreadfully and looked so she wouldn't give up a bit or try to save herself at all. Such an ex aspirating person I never saw. She nearly drove us crazy. Yesterday afternoon she was preparing to study all the afternoon (its so obsurd because she's a good scholar and doesn't need to at all) though she had such a head ache she could hardly keep her eyes open. We made a dreadful fuss


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904059003
and tried everything we could think of make her behave. I read her latin to her and then wanted them to let me read the Cardinale Snuff Box out load. "Don't you think it would be nice?" I said "Yes, very" said she, "but I am going into the library to study" Now wasn't that the limit. Edith flew for one of her sisters and so much bullying we finally made her take off her clothes and down for the after-


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904059004

noon but she got up for dinner. And this morning when, instead to sleeping late as she ought she came to break fast, we held a council of war and decided she had got to go home. If you could have seen her you would have laughed at the idea of her trying to work. She wouldn't be reasonable. Florence had a cold so we packed her off to the infirmary and feel quite satisfied with ourselves. As for me I am getting


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904059005
so fat you wouldn't know me. It is really distressing my clothes are getting so right. And I have neap of time to. Thursday I went into the library and looked up the art book and so on. I am much obliged for the letters. But do tell me. Is Aunt Nettie a christian scientist now? I think she is absolutely the funniest, I should think UNcle Harry might object to that. Do you see two pages


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904059006
such together and that caused this wierd way of providing. We had the most astonishing lecture her last night, by some female whose name I have forgotten. really it was too silly. She was one of these elocuting beings you know and said the most senseless things it melodramatic tones till we almost died. We did gigle several times. Once she talked (the lecture was on loagner) about "while the soul ameks its toilet" and then she


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904059007
said the (I forget which opera) was the box of bon boons wager nibbled on for 22 years. Fancy any body nibbling on bonbons for 22 years. She had some pretty pictures though of Murenburg and wartburg which I recognizes and then somebody played some of the motives from Vagner. I remembered some of them so well, from the ring. oh I do wish I could hear & see


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904059008
that again. I remembered the one of the balcure & wodan's & the thine daughters. There are so nice. To night there is going to be a song recital Mary is going to have a solo. She has such a glorious vie it just pours and rushes out of her without the slightest effort. Did I tell you about the people who were hear form the happen institute. I don't no when I have been so


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904059009
interested in anything. The whole college went wild. Then the songs the darkens sang were joys. Why they had gone past their time and everybody had got up and when going out suddenly we all stopped and clapped and shouted etc, etc until they went back & sang some more. It was very gunny. Well I think I will send this off today so that you will get it Mon. morning. love from Ruth


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Mrs. George B Adams
57 Edgehill Road
New Haven


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