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Aaron, Marcus | to Stella, 1919 February 24

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My dear Stella,

It was very good of you to wire to me yesterday. I had a queer feeling about leaving you all alone [+] particularly [taking] Fannie away + it was a relief to know that you felt better [+] by that I assume that you felt more cheerful than when we left.

It would have done you good to have seen your daughter + listened to her " enthusiasm. She is great & I am having [more fun] than I ever had here - she is so very perfectly happy + is grinning all the time. It's great + the only thing [that mars] it is that you are not here to see it and to [enjoy] it with me. She made some very good [strokes] and you can imagine was not a little [pleased]. The sleeping porch is [her toy]. I feel her stay [here]


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is going to do her a lot of good in lots of ways. I never realized that she is so grown up + I don't know whether I like it or not: I feel quite good or I should say, quite well. My game is [rather unsatisfactory] but it does not worry Me. Lots of acquaintances but I have not changed my opinion that to be here + not to golf is a bore.

I hope you have started your treatment + that you [saw] Dr [Litchfield]. Wont it be great when [we are] all - [reasonably] free from pains [nerves and] aches! Lets do the best we can to put ourselves that way. The hotel is jammed full but we are very comfy. Lots of love and kisses too. Please take good care of yourself + think of us every now and then [ ] kiss & good night