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Sylvester, Helen (Seymour) | to mother, Feb. 25, 1866:

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February 25, 1866
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Vassar College
Feb 25th 1866
My dear Mother

I have not heard from home in more than a week in fact nearly two weeks now.

I do not think you realize at home how little you write to me and how far between.
Yesterday I was sick abed all day with a little disorder of the
stomach, nothing very serious but enough to make me feel very disagreeable. Miss or Dr. Avery gave me something which has made me feel quite well again to-day - It was quite an eventful day as it was the first day I ever kept to my bed from sickness since I have been away from
home, and


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the last I hope. I was almost afraid Henry would come yesterday as it was so near the end of the month, and if he had I should certainly have got up off my bed and gone with him.

What warm weather we are having now. The thermometer was
60° here yesterday out doors.

We had a lecture this week from Dr Hays or Haines the associate of Dr Kane on his arctic expedition and had a very interesting time. George W. Curtiss visited the college yesterday. He is coming expressly to lecture for us in the spring his engagements will not permit him to do so now.

We had some splendid tableaux here on Thursday evening Washington's birthday which we kept as a holiday. Has James gone back to Rochester yet? How is he now?


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I am getting very much out of patience on the subject of letters. It is about the hardest work to get any letters out of all of you I ever tried. How do your new "helps" assist you. Do they grow better or worse or remain stationary? I hope you do not have to work as hard as you used to. I think you ought to try and give up as much of the work to others and when I come
home I hope I shall be able to help you some. I have not much to write
about here there is not much news that would be of interest to you.
Tell Henry his afghan is going to be very handsome and he
must come prepared to buy the worsted to finish it.

We are not going to have any Spring vacation so my trip


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to New York may just as well come at this time as at any other.

Do write soon and tell all the rest I want to hear from them very much. I think my promptness must have frightened Henry as he has not written again. Give my love to all.
Your affectionate daughter
Helen Seymour
P.S. Don't forget to remind Henry of my hooped skirt covers, and the money for my bill of the last half year.