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Barnes, Lucy | to mother, Jun. 4, 1872:

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June 4, 1872
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Vassar June. 4. 72.
Tuesday evening.

My dear Mother,

Your very kind letter expressing such sympathy on my behalf on account of my room mate next year, came to hand yesterday and met with a warm welcome - The only thing I can do will be to draw a double room for the single are all taken by the coming Junior Class- and the question is whether I shall ask, taking it and keeping it open for Kate - as I think it very doubtful if she will be able to pass in


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her Rhetoric, and I don't think it would be unselfish if I take a good room mate now when I have a chance instead of waiting on the uncertainty, and then have some horrid thing put in with me, for most likely Kate can have a very nice single room for if she don't so draw it, Dr Avery will give her one because she has been sick so much

So if Joe Jewell and I draw on the same corridor we think of rooming together. We have never been very intimate but are good friends, she is a very nice little thing, perfectly healthy, and as neat as wax. I have seen her mother and like her very


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much. And since I have been lead to speak of her I will hear ask your permission to accept an invitation from her which has been of long standing. It is that I may go home with her on Friday immediately after our examination and stay until Monday after noon. She has invited eight of us and I think we will have a jolly time. She is going to have a party on Saturday evening and there (I mean at the College) will be ever so many Yale fellows there, who leave soon after. Her Mother has sent us a very cordial invitation and written Miss Terry a very nice note asking permission to have us leave College- as we will be back in time for any


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of the entertainments- Since the new rail road has been built it only takes four hours to go- I want to have you say I may very much- and if you come to this conclusion will you send me a note to Miss Terry- While I think of it I must tell you that Kate has had all her hair cut off- She is going with a party to N.Y. to spend the time I want to spend at Joe's- When you come up here you will need a real nice dress and don't hesitate to bring it because I can send it home in my trunk if you don't want to take it with us traveling-Mamma what can I wear traveling in? My brown suit has no sacque and I have nothing else suitable; from present appearances it don't seem like I can wear a linen suit. My dolly Varden hat will not be