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Fitt, Harriet (Bradley) — to mother, February 28, 1910

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28 Feb 1910

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Feb 28 - 1910

Vassar College.

Dear Mother,

I missed the letter yesterday, but I suppose I shall hear tomorrow.

Last night was perfect! Third hall play -- and very much better than the first two. It was not attempting much, and the girls were perfectly capable of giving the play. It was the “Courageous,” light, funny, and pretty. Three of the girls looked adorably beautiful, and we all swelled


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with pride over them and the good looking men. The hero, however, had one fault, he reminded me some of the time of George [E...d...f?] Phillips.

Yesterday morning Doss and I went to town, studied in the afternoon, and went to a tea. We were up rather late, and this morning I slept almost until chapel time. We had one of the best sermons I have heard -- on atmosphere and


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personality. The girls have been talking about it ever since.

I wish I knew what to do about English. The usual course for Sophomores is development of English Literature from Beowulf to Johnson, and it does not appeal to me very much. It is a prerequisite for all advanced work. Miss Ballard -- my English instructor -- has advised me very much to go on, as (she says) I am one of the two leading students in the class. What do you and Father think? Do I want the knowledge enough to take this course instead of something else which will give me a great deal more pleasure? There is some time still before elections have to be made but I am very much in doubt about this. I want to take Math, Chemistry, and French, and unless I take this “Sophomore Lit.”, Argumentation, which is another English course.


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That leaves the fifth study entirely free, and I am considering Economics for that.

I have no [cards?] left, Mother, at least only a very few. Could you have some more from my plate?

This is the end of the month, and I shall try to send my account home next time. The money - forty-five dollars -- you left me is about gone. If I go to the hop next week, there will be practically


: VCL_Letters_Fitt-Harriet-Bradley_1910-02-28_068_003_015_005
no expense involved, as I have mileage, and need nothing new in the way of clothes.

It is warm and raining today, and most [of?] are glad, because it has been much too cold in the morning all this week, and the ice froze rough so we could not have the [fun?] even. I hardly had time however to do things.

I am studying ahead today so that things will not pile up. Here is where


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I lost time last week. Gym in the afternoon Monday took over two hours, with all the dressing, and then I had extra history work to do that night, and canvassing for [crossed out: hall] founders. That made things be left over, and every day until Friday has enough in it of its own.

Tomorrow night is a meeting [of?] founders, and of aesthetic dancing, with gym in the afternoon, so I am going to [wa...?] for Sunday and Wednesday now.

With the greatest love,