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Fitt, Harriet (Bradley) — to mother, April 8, 1910

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08 Apr 1910

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April 8 - 1910

Dearest Mother -

I did miss your letters dreadfully, but I knew that you would not let them go by without some good reason, and that I should know if there were cause to worry. So I waited. And I have been well repaid. The long Sunday letter did not come until Wednesday afternoon, as there was postage due, and this is the


: VCL_Letters_Fitt-Harriet-Bradley_1910-04-08_068_003_001_002
first chance I have had to answer.

Now I am going to try to answer in order - the various questions. I wore my blue serge at Clochette’s bridge party. It is becoming, and I am expecting to have many more days which are cool enough to wear it.

Have I written anything at all about Miss [Slack?]? She is charming. Not very pretty, but well dressed, “chic,” with


: VCL_Letters_Fitt-Harriet-Bradley_1910-04-08_068_003_001_003
a winning face and pleasant voice. Clochette knows her very well. All the middies seem to like her and respect her. She plays wonderfully. She came to call last Friday, and to take us out her machine, but we were at Chevy Chase.

Thank you for the pictures. Every one of them means something to me. They are the good things crystallized.

As for the dear, dear friends, Mother, I am finding more and more that the world is full of wonderfully fine generous and lovable people. It is a good thing to think about Mrs. Mills, Mrs. Mann, Mrs. [Mepham?], Miss McNair -- and all the rest. Mother, I think Mrs Lag[...]ion (she is here now) would like to know definitely if I can visit her in August. As it is to be our last


: VCL_Letters_Fitt-Harriet-Bradley_1910-04-08_068_003_001_004
chance together, had it better be no?

What you learned from Miss McNair about my work is certainly good news and I am very happy over it. My work has been all right so far since the exams and I shall try to keep it so. It has not been hard to study since Easter, as it seemed almost certain to be.

There is no choice of days


: VCL_Letters_Fitt-Harriet-Bradley_1910-04-08_068_003_001_005
excepting Friday -- with regard to Mrs. [Mepham?]. I am so very glad she is coming. I should always rather see her than anyone but you and Father.

The plans for West Point are this - Harry has always assured me that he wants to take me to any hop I can come to, and to let him know ‘when.’ So I wrote him, and have not


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heard yet. The college party is this. The girls who are going down from college always get a chaperon together and go to the hotel -- which brings me to the money question. My suit was $35. I am enclosing my accounts. I had to buy low shoes and gym shoes last month, for which the bill is due. So I think that a check for forty-five is what I need for clothes. The West Point expedition would amount to about ten dollars. I think that I can pay for that out of my April allowance from Father. These figures look appaling to me. If you do not want me to go to the Point this way, I can arrange it with Clochette.

I did not get any flowers for my hat -- I do not believe it will need them --

Most lovingly,