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Eldridge, Muriel (Tilden) | to Mother, circa 10 January 1913

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[Jan. 10, 1913]

English Class -

Dearest Mother -
    School has begun again in earnest - classes, topics, gym - work and all.  Wednesday afternoon I went to gym. And have been so lame ever since that I feel as if I were at least eight-five years old. Every muscle of me aches - but I suppose it won’t last long - hope not anyway.
    Will you tell Margery that the girls all like my chain that she made, very much. Quite a number of them have spoken about it. My suit finds great favor in the eyes of the college-world, also -


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It seems very queer not to have Dorothy Parker here - I hadn’t any idea we’d all miss her so much. I never saw a girl, who made her way more quickly. She came here a stranger in a strange land this year, and has become one of the best-liked girls in the class.
    Gladys Lyall asked me what I was going to do about the semester’s vacation yesterday and I told her I hoped to go to N.Y. although I hadn’t as yet gained your permission to do so. She’s going to Brooklyn herself and wants me to very much. I do hope you’ll consider it. It seems to me that I would stay at the Martha Washington with Dorothy one night at least - and with Emma Dix one night and with Uncle Joe one - I don’t know yet how many days I’ll have free for the examination-schedule hasn’t yet been posted. 
    I have on the tailored waist, suit skirt and heavy blue coat this morning. The waist fits very well, I think. I haven’t worn a stiff collar for so long that it feel rather queer - but it looks neat and that’s half the battle, I suppose.
    There is to be a grand concert-recital by some opera-singer tonight. She is a “colorature” soprano - whatever that means - one of the girls suggested that


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she might be African - but personally I repudiate that possibility, having seen her picture. I can’t remember what her name is - Rhadeska - or something like that. I do hope you and Margo go to hear Mischa Eliman - he comes to Detroit next week, doesn’t he?
    I wish Evelyn could enjoy some of the skating that I think we’re going to have soon. Cold weather set in with a vengeance yesterday and the lake is rapidly freezing. There has been a new lake made by damming up a brook at the back of campus - that’s quite shallow so we’re hoping for skating there this afternoon. Must trot now - bell has rung.
    Love -


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10 1 30 PM

Mrs. B.O. Tilden
The Gregorian - 710
Detroit, Mich

High and Park Sts.