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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother and Father, 1923 January 31?

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1923-01-31 [?]
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Dear Father + Mother:

Henrietta + Walter met me at the station + W. brought us home. Then I had a shampoo + at 4:30 we took the st. car to the [shalfonte] + walked back here. Then I took a brief nap, + dressed for dinner. Mr. L.S. was here for dinner. It was a "swell" dinner - best china, many courses, etc. The gentleman whent home at midnight I went to sleep at two. Perhaps Ill sleep tonight!

My room is "adorable" - the whole house is! We just finished making the beds + now we are writing out family letters. From that we shall proceed to market


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+ then for a walk.

I called Aunt Laura + Lucy yesterday. Harold is all right, she says.

The weather is not so fine, but it has stopped raining. It rained during the night.

Mr. + Mrs. Frank had the chairs next to mine. When we got off the train, Mrs. F. said she'd like to meet H's husband, she never had. H, however, had told W. - "Here come the F's - you know them.- so he comes up and says - "How do you do, Mrs. F - I'm glad to see you again!" Whereupon Ms. F says. - "I'm glad to meet you - we were in Europe at the time of your wedding!

H sends love.



Hope the treatment had better luck than the 1st.