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Eldridge, Muriel (Tilden) | to Mother, 14 October 1913

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Oct. (?) 1913

Dearest Mother -
After due deliberation, I have decided not to aas for a change in the hour of my music-lessons which come on Thursday and so instead of coming down on the 1:32 this [...] Thursday, I’ll wait and have my lesson and come down on the late afternoon train - I’ll look it up and tell you the exact time I’ll arrive later.
Last night we had the first real business briefing of the Student’s Association - it was quite exciting in spots for such matters were discussed as the raising of student’s dues (which I vgorously opposed), and the petitioning of faculty for two separate class-dances instead of the Junior-Sophomore dance in the spring. They’ll never be allowed to have them in the world, but I suppose they can ask.
Agnes Campbell was up here over the week-end - she came up to go to Betty Shelby’s (1913) wedding - loads of 1913 people came up for it - it was the biggest reunion they’ll have until the regular reunion at First Hall Play.


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I have been debating whether or not to take [Earlyer] horse-back riding Saturday morning - I hardly think I will, I think we’ll find enough to keep us busy without, but would you be willing? and what do you think about it?
Betty wanted me to thank Margery for her little letter - and we both enjoyed our surprise-packages very much indeed.
I went to a very informal party last night to meet one of the girl’s mothers. When I do anything like that , it makes me want to have you come up more than ever and show people what a real, good-looking, grand, mother is - half of them don’t know. Please come up sometime with me, and let me have the girls meet you - I want to show them my mother is something to be proud of. No [slaves] on Dot’s mother, but she’s not even in the same class with you -
Knowing all this before, I don’t suppose it’s much use to tell you over again - I ought to listen to this everlasting German anyway - See you soon, if Mrs. T says I may - Muriel


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Mrs. B.O. Tilden
291 Westminster Road
Brooklyn, N.Y.