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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother, 1920 January 19

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Mother: - unless we go to A.C. after exams, the doctor would very much rather have me Thursday at [12:45], as [Wednesday is an operating day. So. if we don't go, will you write to him to change the appointment? Don't you think that it would perhaps be a rather long trip for so short a time?

Dear Mother + Father,

The doctor's office is chucked full again, but I am third on the waiting list.

The only assigned prepara-tion I have for tomorrow is French. By George, that is some cramming course. I shall have to study for the exam.

I just read [I. P's] speech while waiting here. The next best thing to being an I.P., I guess, is to be an I.P's daughter. I wish I could have been in the audience. Pete + I are pretty good at watch-ing you be an I.P.

Yesterday afternoon I read the English exam essay twice


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very carefully. I have to look up some things in connection with it yet. I am afraid I do not know too much about current literature to write an intelligent examination paper. I had a conference appointment with Miss Kitchel for Wednesday morn-ing, but she is not well enough to keep her appointments, so I asked her this morning about my work. She said she should say off-hand that I was doing C work, which she considered very good! The less said the better. I must say that I would like to keep on with English, but I don't care for [Freshman] English, I hope that the other courses don't re-semble this one.

I also [ 150] pages


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of the 300 to be reviewed for my history exam. Miss [Hallan] has not [returned] my topic yet. I bet she has not even looked at it. Her mother was up for dinner yesterday noon. My opinion of her teaching is right - it is very [unmethodical] + not considered too potent. The same can be said of the knowledge I have gotten from her course. Outside of that she is O.K.

I took the math quizz yesterday during chapel time. Of course when the 50 minutes were up. I put it back in the envelope. Helen Reid and I were talking the quizz over, + we discovered a boneheaded mistake I made. Katheryn


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Gardner came on the scene and asked why on earth I did not change it if I still had the paper around. Some people have a very shaky sense of honor, but yet a girl like that would be allowed to take an exam the way I did. because by belonging to the Students' Association she pledges herself to the honor system. She probably thinks I am a goody-goody.

Altogether I consider yes-terday well-spent, something I cannot often say. I read make-up French last night. I have not finished it yet. The Juniors + the Seniors who are taking that course are dropping it next semester. We had a cleaning up process in Math + Latin today. I hope that [water] comes soon.


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Blue mugs + vases seem to be [hoodooed] in our family. My beautiful blue vase was blownover + smashed to pieces yesterday. Did it cost enough to try to [cenreuc] up after yours? R.S.V.P. Love, Fannie