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Ladd, Jennie-A | to aunt, Oct. 1872:

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October 06, 1872
VC Ex 1876

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Vassar College.
Oct. 6, 1872.

My dear Auntie,

Why haven't you written to me? I have been here over two weeks and have heard from no one but Kittie.

I suppose your company have all departed by this time and I should think you would have time for writing letters.


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I have but just got settled in my studies.

I have two Latins, Greek and Ancient History. Of course the languages are hard and I
shall be very busy. I was put in Physical Geography but have been cramming on it for the last week and passed an examination in it yesterday.

I hope to be a full Freshman by Christmas.

I have had my room changed and room now on the fourth floor with Maggie Lemon [Margaret S. Lemon, ex-'76] We have an


: VCLLettersLaddJennieA1876001003
outside room which is better than most of the girls have. There are six girls in our parlor there being two double rooms and two single ones opening into it. The girls are very pleasant but two of them are the greatest talkers I ever knew. They are also fond of studying aloud so that the parlor is not kept very quiet.

Julia rooms on the same corridor that I do but it is on the south side while


: VCLLettersLaddJennieA1876001004
urs in on the north and is a long walk from our room.

There are plenty of orchards near the College so that we keep ourselves supplied with apples.
Are you going to Boston this winter? Please write soon for letters are always thankfully received.

With much love to Grandma and Annie I remain
Your loving neice
Jennie Ladd

[Jennie A. Ladd, ex-'76]