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[unknown], Julie | to Isabel Treadwell Towne, Oct. 1869:

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October 17, 1869

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"Vassar" Oct 17th—1869.

17. First Cor. South.

Why Bells, it is almost a month since your letters were received, and I have not written you a word! I wonder what you think of me ? I am sure I do not see where the days go - they actually fly. It does not seem possible that I have been here five weeks tomorrow! I suppose it seems like two months to those on the mountain. Oh! Belle, Sam was home last Sunday and Monday - would'nt I like to have been there too- it is over six weeks since I have seen him. I wonder if he will come up to the "Reception" - I hope so! I do not see what made you think


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my letter sounded as if I was homesick, for I was not - have not been yet! I do not like my room very much- it is one of those Long rooms - three girls in it you know- I am never alone, which to one accustomed to having a room at home to herself, is decidedly disagreeable- I shall be quiet until Christmas though, because I know of no room at present that I like as well. Is it not beautiful here? I never thought of finding such an extensive place - such beautiful walks in the woods, and what a charming view
from "Sunset Hill? " - I was up there this morning; the country looked very lovely in its autumnal dress, and in the distance I could Just discern the grand Catskills - are'nt they magnificent, so blue, and never-changing. In a few weeks when all these pretty leaves and flowers are gone, and cold


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weather drives away the birdies, then my beautiful mountains will be my greatest pleasure - old Winter cannot take them from me! Your old room is no more- I understand the numbers have all been changed since you were here, so I can find no trace of your "College home"- Cinnie has the corner-room Third Corridor-South- so that is only two stories above me you see- she rooms with a Miss Jennie Demarest- do you remember seeing her when here two years ago ? they are almost inseparable, before I had been here two days I heard of "Cinnie and Jennie" as they are known all over the College. They do everything together; are in the same classes, sing together; it is a rare treat to hear them sing. Miss Demarest has one of the best Soprano voices in the School, and Cin sings


: VCLLettersJuliend001004
Alto - they sing together beautifully. I belong to their Boat-club, and it is glorious fun to watch them row - the boat almost flies "before the oars". I like Cinnie very much indeed - Miss Merrick I do not know very well- Miss Rice Is here also - she is a Seignor - I like her. I succeeded famously in shopping- LN.M. was with me- we were fortunate in finding various things "ready made" so we had more time- I staid down nearly a week- we heard "Rip Van Winkle"- is'nt the whole play beautiful? I enjoyed it very much - I did
not see either Sam or Belle on my way here, so did not bid them "good-bye "-was'nt it too bad? Sam was in Princeton, and Belle inMilford. I had to take care of myself you see - well, it was all right till I reached Poughkeepsie - I came by cars, knowing I should not feel well if I


: VCLLettersJuliend001005
took the boat - I arrived about seven, and on inquiring for "The Bus" found to my great disgust that the College was not open till the next day (15th). I heard some one talking about "Vassar", and took the liberty of speaking, and it was a teacher (Miss Goodwin, whom I have since learned to love)- she told me to come with her, and no doubt she would find me admittance- well, I went; and arriving here, all I could see was an immense black building with scarcely a light in it- we went in and were met by Miss Morse who very freezingly informed me I could not stay- for a moment I was too provoked to speak- I said "Good-night" and rode back to the strange city about as homesick as ever I was in my life - I had no idea what to do- I have a horror of going to hotels alone - all in a moment I thought of what


: VCLLettersJuliend001006
Father said Just the night before - if I had any trouble to apply to some of his friends- I found the number of one and went there- I have often wondered how I dared to, but I was desperate- I found a beautiful home and In less than an hour my homesickness all
disappeared before the kindness of Mrs Weeks who was so good to me- I shall never forget it. The next morning I reluctantly left my friends, and arrived here about nine- after a tedious waiting of nearly six hours I was conducted to my room- I went through the examinations, then to the President where a crowd already waited; before my turn came the bell for dinner sounded, and I was obliged to go with all this anxiety on my mind- I did not eat much I assure you Belle! I do not remember ever being so tired


: VCLLettersJuliend001007
as when I came "Down Cellar" about four. There was no one here, so I had six rooms all to myself- I wrote four letters to keep myself from getting lonely. Do 'nt you think I had a hard time ? I am all right now, and very busy. I have three periods of practice, and three studies, Mineralogy, Latin, and Algebra- the last I cannot endure. Is 'nt Prof Farrer splendid? He gave fifteen lectures before the Mineralogy class- just finished on Thursday. My favorite teachers so far are Misses Clark, Goodwin, Braislin, and Powell- the last is teacher of Gymnastics - do you remember her? I think she is lovely. Belle, there is a teacher here, (Miss Gilbert) who knows your sister - she says she knew her in Jackson! do you remember her ? I have so much to tell you, but it is nearly three, and I have to dress for Chapel-

Have'nt I written you a long letter?Please write soon, and tell me all the "Lasell-news". I wish I could see you old girl - good-bye


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Have you seen Miss Bowker yet? please give her my love when you see her again, and tell her Sarah Monks and I are good friends, and we have had several talks about her.


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9.40 - it is nearly time for the bell, but I must tell you something - Miss Merrick called this evening- I was quite surprised I told her I had just finished a letter to you, and she told me to give you her love and wants to know when you are coming on? please excuse this writing Belle. I have written this letter two or three ^different times
Good night, Julie