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Worthing, Margaret (Fletcher) | to family, June 7, 1908:

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7 June 1908

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Pokeepsie -
Mon- A.M.
June 7th


Dear parents; -

I reached here Sat. night at 6. You see it simply poured all day Friday in Cranf’d and I had two suit cases, so did not care to tug them around in the rain. So i telegraphed


: VCL_Letters_Worthing-Margaret-Fletcher_1908-06-07_075_003_025_002
g. that I would meet her[crossed out: e] at garrison across from W. Point Sat. She telegraphed that we wouldn’t go until Sun. to W. Point & to come to Pokeepsie Sat. which I did.

Ella and I went into the city Sat. A,M. - first to the doctor’s. But alas, Dr. Phillips was out of town. I was dreadfully sorry for I wanted to see him.

Then we went to Brooklyn. They were not


: VCL_Letters_Worthing-Margaret-Fletcher_1908-06-07_075_003_025_003
expecting us as Cousin Ed had phoned them we were not coming because of rain. That was the 5th time we had tried to get over there. They acted very glad to see us. They sort of squelch Ella all the time, especially Fannie. We are going up on the same train with Mary Tues. night as far as Canton.

Sat night [crossed out: was] the seniors repeated their tree ceremonies in the circle. They were not terribly pretty, owing to the lack of the moon.

Carroll Sax is here and I quite like him although I did not expect too. Also Irene Pulver, Mabel’s prep school room-mate, is here, - she was here in college part of the year I was, but had typhoid at the same time G. did, only she went home to have it. Her fiance was here over Sun., he’s a fine


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Sun. A.M. was baccalaureate address. Prexy preached for 50 minutes strate, and as we could not hear him very well, it was not over enjoyable; - but [Hetty?] sang a wonderful solo. I have never heard her in the chapel before and she filled it alright. None of the other girls can tho.

Then in the PM, we went to West Point. Mrs.


: VCL_Letters_Worthing-Margaret-Fletcher_1908-06-07_075_003_025_005
[Crittenburgh?], Willis, the cadet and George, the younger brother, I liked immensely. and am crazy over West Pt. It’s a beautiful place, but I wouldn’t care to go there to school, - the rules are terribly stiff. We saw them drill, it was perfect. Willis has been having a hard time - has been ill with malaria? fever for ab’t four weeks and as this week is exams he


: VCL_Letters_Worthing-Margaret-Fletcher_1908-06-07_075_003_025_006
was feeling sort of shaky ab’t them. His mother wanted him to resign, but he got his [spunk?] up yesterday and wouldn’t. They are an ideal family together.

We saw Mrs. Geo. Fuller there with a lady from Garrison. She was very gracious, inquired for Mother and all other Norw’d people. She had been ‘gading’ again - This time down to see Helene and George.

Dad’s check arrived this morning, a few minutes ago and was exceedingly welcome.

We will be home Wed. A.M. on the sleeper, unless something happens.

Your loving daughter,
Margaret -