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Fitt, Harriet (Bradley) — to mother, February 10, 1910

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10 Feb 1910

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Feb 10-10

Dearest Mother,

I have been working all afternoon, and feel mentally weary. Our latest history assignment has been to read the selection of original sources given for a certain period, and write, from it, a chapter as though for the history. It is not easy, but interesting. We had a


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history lecture last night, too, on the “Origins of the English people” which was good.

Monday night was the ice carnival - which we have heard very little about, so that it much surpassed our wildest expectations, as did Mohonk and Sophomore party. The night was very cold, and the lake perfectly


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smooth. A cloudless, starry sky above, and great bonfires all around the edge of the lake and hundreds of lanterns gave light. The skaters were all in white. A band playing “Harvest Moon,” “Over on the Jersey Side” --- not “Ciribiribin” tried to make us all think it was summer time. I think every girl who could not trust herself to skate resolved herself to lead next year. I went for an hour yesterday, and the ice was good. I am making progress, I think.

It started to snow at three today - the wettest snow I have ever seen, so the ice is probably spoiled for the time being.
I did not stay until the end of the carnival Monday night because James Van Ri[fer?] came. He is about the same, I think. I do not like him very much, but he does not bore. He asked for you and Father.


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Doss is very nearly ill, and hardly keeps out of the infirmary. I have developed a new foot malady -- blistered heel -- which is hardly helped by skating.

I am so interested in your [German?] -- last night -- which must have been a wonderful success, and I know the work you did was no small part of the success. It never it.


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The [Vaughans?] are, as always -- what shall I say? Nothing can express what I feel towards them, and nothing could be more delightful than the summer with them, if you do not feel that you can come back to me.

Judge wrote me that a “Crabtown girl” was to lead the class German, which, of course meant Miss Robb to me. It will not make any


: VCL_Letters_Fitt-Harriet-Bradley_1910-02-10_068_003_021_006
difference in that most heavenly of “heavenly times.” I “see your [pout?]” [...].

I do not know what you mean by a proof of Father! At least I do know, and am very much delighted, but that is the first I have heard of it, so I can hardly send them back before I get them. I am so glad he had some taken.

Doss and I are very anxious to go to New York a week from Saturday for the day. We will leave in the earliest train and be back by dinner time. There will be shopping to do -- everything before Annapolis. What do you think of getting a spring hat then? Have you done anything about the proposed white suit?

Miss Blunt has asked me to serve at [crossed out: at] a “house tea” tomorrow afternoon. Miss Saunders and her mother have both wanted to be remembered to you recently. Harry Lewis is exulting over the Army victory from Penn, which defeated Navy in December. Would that the ‘family’ had all been with you last night.


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Hope the proofs come soon - With love, Harriett.