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Adams, Ruth | to family, Jan. 1901:

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January 1901
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My dear people:-

You won't have a very long letter today I am afraid. What do you think I have been indulging in a little scare with the grippe. I am all right now, only I feel a trifle weak. Wasn't it a blow to be done up Friday and Saturday when I wanted to get some of next weeks work done up so that I could have a little time for reviewing particularly in Latin where I feel I need it. So you see I have had


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to go to the doctors again, which made me very angry. But of course I had to have the business stopped right off. Such a lot of girls are getting it. I am glad mine was so slight. And wasn't it convenient of it to come on Friday afternoon & Sat. morning? There are piles of things I want to tell you but it tires me to write much. The list of explanations are out. Latin come Monday morning. They are all in the morning. Geometry Tues. Hygeiene Wed.


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German Thurs. and English Friday. They are very well aranged I think. Friday afternoon and evening and Saturday I shall have to go over all my Latin. Then Mon. after I will have tim to look of Geom a little. But we are going to review all this week so there won't be much to do. Then Hygiene won't require much work so over I can spend some time of German besides Wed. Don't you think that goes well? Frey Tag really


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is dreadful to remember. THe book of maps came, but there isn't any that helps me in it. The only one of the German tribes is one at the close of the "walker wandering. And what I need is one before and during. SShe make us follow a tribe all around and trace their routes which is rather hard when there are about 40 girls all buying to use one little map at the bautetime.
The play went off beautifully. I didn't act though


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wasn't that a blow? I thought it wasn't wise to go up there and stand around, besides not really feeling equal to it. Lucile and Edith each had a girl up. They were both very nice. Lucile's friend goes to Bryn Mawr next year. By the way you forgot Mamma to give me a cambrie fog to put my muffin. The things in the trunk came al right except my lovely bible which had the leather tour at one of the corners. Wasn't that


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too bad? They say my trunk can be fixed. I don't know whether it can or not. Have you thought whether you want me to come home over Sunday after Semesters or not. I should get home Friday at 3.45 and should've to leave Sun at 5. 10. Perhaps as I to shall have likely have to come home for good a little later I had better not come then. What do you think? Cora is going home. How is Frances? Tell her I think of her often but really haven't had time to write love love Ruth


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I have to pay 10 cents a week for my flannels. Is that a good deal? or how is it?


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Mrs. George B. Adams
57 Edgehill Road
New Haven