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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother, Father, and Pete, 1920 October 11

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October 11, 1920.

Dear Mother, Father, and Pete:

I don't know when i have accomplished as much as I did yesterday. I did two days' Spanish and English (and that meant an aweful lot of reading), and extra Ec. reading assignment, two days' Ec, English Speech, read the paper, wrote some letters, talked to Lucy for over an hour and then to a lot of other people.

I shall be quite busy today. I have lab this afternoon, and then I must get a start on my history topic, and look up some dope on the party platforms.

I have to write a paper for Ec for next Monday on the economic influences in my own city. We are supposed to show how location and natural products and advantages or disadvantages influence the industries, life, occupations, etc. In case the Chamber of Commerce gets out any dope on the subject could you send it to me, Father, so that I have it by Friday or Saturday at the latest. The reason I thought they might is that Omaha gets out such a pamphlet and I thought we might be as progressive as Omaha.

I let somebody use my typewriter the other day and it has been sticking ever since.