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Eldridge, Muriel (Tilden) | to Mother, 21 September 1913

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306 Main, Vassar College,
Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Sept.22, 1913

Dear Mother- 
    The box and my tennis-racquet arrived safe and sound - did you send my heavy blue coat, and it is delayed by the way-side? or did you decide it needed cleaning and kept it back? At any rate, thank you so much for the box and its contents, especially the crackers and sofa-pillows. I am completely settled now, even my curtains are up. I bought fourteen yards of tan


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scrim with a little brown and green border-figure - my windows, two in number, are ten feet high so you see it required considerable material to reach! I also purchased a mirror ($3.00) which I hope will ultimately land in the back-bed room at Chatham, and so cause the utter annihilation of the beautiful specimen now ensconced there in all its beauty and marine-like attractions of wave and water-line.
    I’ve had a stream of


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callers all day, and have done quite some visiting myself.  I looked up that Dorothy Groff whom Margaret Emery spoke to me about, and find she is quite an attractive little girl. She was at Camp Aloha last year, her mother was a Vassar 1900 girl - (step-mother, don’t be alarmed at her apparent youth) - so we found quite a number of common interests to discuss. I am to take her to the


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Christian’s Reception next Saturday.
    Oh, before I forget it I must tell you - I found my long-lost white [rub] that I thought I had either left at Chatham or in the Springfield hotel, in the pocket of my suit-case! I must have done very thorough unpacking - don’t you think so?
    My dishes from A. and S. seem not to have put in any appearance at all - would


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you call them up for me and ask if they were ever sent, and if so, where, and by what company, etc. I can’t trace them at all at this end, although there is a fare [sic] possibility that they may turn up after the mad rush for trunks is over. Nevertheless, I’d like to know whether they really have been sent or not. 
    I am racking my brain for ideas for an original and entertaining stunt -party to be given for the Freshman some -


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time toward the end of the week. I am on the committee - Lois Treadwell asked me tonight.
    It seems very queer to have all of ‘14 over here together. I can’t get used to it at all. Last night a Sophomore came up to me and asked me if I would take a message to a girl in Josselyn for her. “Why, of course I’ll tell her if I see her”, I said. She looked at me as much as to say Well-of-course-if-you’re-that unobliging, and asked “Don’t you live on the same corridor”


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“Unfortunately, no” I answered “you see, I’m in Main this year.” Poor Dear! She was so embarrassed that I was sorry for her. I suppose I don’t look as Seniorish as I might - but several people have remarked on the increase in dignity. Please appreciate.
    I could ramble on for a week, but I’ll save some for next time.  I want to come down the latter part of October and bring Gretchen Thayer for a week-end. That will be


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all right, won’t it? I’ll let you know later just when we want to come. Dorothy Parker is just about as cordial as a good-sized iceberg, and hasn’t even mentioned getting my letter - let alone telling me whether or not she thinks she can come down for Thanksgiving vacation. I’m going to broach the subject ere long, and if she refuses (which wouldn’t surprise me at all), I want to ask Ruth Reed before she has a


: VCL_Letters_Eldridge-Muriel-Tilden_1913-09_050_002_009
chance to make any other dates. You are coming up this next week-end, aren’t you? I’m looking forward to seeing you, so don’t disappoint me, will you? I hope you’ll like my room. The girls seem, too. It’s about so big [small map is drawn with closet, door, window, window] but very light and fairly comfortable, though I’m forced to do without the joy’s of a bureau or chiffonier for want of room. 
    Must G.B. speedily - classes begin in the morning.
    Love to all -
Sunday night


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SEP 22
12 M

Mrs. B.O. Tilden
291 Westminster Road
Brooklyn, NY