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DeWitt, Nettie | to mother, Oct. 1892

VC Ex 1896
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October 1892
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(Oct. 1892), Vassar College. Wednesday. My dear Mother:- Your nice letter came to-day. Also one from Will and Elva, and yesterday I rec'd nice letters from Lott and a sixteen pager from Han Sibbald. She said she had been trying to get up to see you. I have put all these away to be answered Sunday except yours and Will's. I promised him I would write him once a week. Last week I wrote him three times, think of it. One was a letter, one a postscript and one a note on business about the pictures, so he will only get a


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little note this week. He has been pretty good about writing- Have have five letters since I have been here, and a paper. You have been the best of all. Twelve letters since I left home from you. I have not written to Flo yet but mean to Sunday. I was to write first but tho. I have tried don't seem to find the time- Time just flies here. Every one is agreed on that point I guess. It seems to me we don't have time to breathe- I don't pretend to write letters thro' the week except to you, and shall not to Will after this unless they are mere notes. I would like to write to you all, all the time. It becomes a real luxury when


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you don't have the time for it. You know I have hygiene once a week. We are studying house-drainage at present. It is very good too I think I do hope all the plumb-ing etc is all right at home and be sure and close the door from your bathroom to your bed room at night. I suppose you will laugh but I've learned lots more beside this.

There is nothing to write as yet for we do nothing but study thro' the week- I am trying to get a good start in my lessons. I go to bed in good season every night, and this alone ought to do me good. Drink milk eat rice etc. etc. I was weighed the other day and as near as


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could make out have neither gained nor lost- Weigh just a hundred with my heavy
underclothes on- I imagine my face has grown fuller but perhaps it is my imagination- But then I have only been here three weeks (it seems ages and ages if you would like to know) and of course would not gain in that short time. One girl gained fifteen pounds the first three months she was here and she is a girl who studies hard too- We have had a most elegant day, perfectly beautiful. My roommate and I walked fifteen minutes
this morning right after breakfast. It was simply glorious- I could have