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Aaron, Lester | to Mother, Father, and Fan, 1920 December 4

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14 Story Street,
December 4, 1920.

Dear Mother, Father, and Fan:

The first invitation of the 1920 winter season arrived this morning. I don't think you would guess right off the bat where it came from. If I wanted to arouse the "curiosity that killed a cat", I would wait until tomorrow to give you a chance to guess. It was from Mr. & Mrs. Wasserman, Miss Margaret Wasserman and Mr. William Wasserman for a "Twelfth Night Party" on December 24. If I were going to be East at that time, I should be very strongly tempted to accept it; as it is, I don't see how I can. I wish I knew whether Bill was coming to Pittsburgh. How long do you expect to be in Atlantic? The invitation amused me, in a way, after the last conversation we had on the general subject of parties last Sunday night. I expressed my abhorrence of that sort of vacation; Margaret delivered a concurring opinion. Today: the invitation!

The other R. S. V. P. in the morning mail was from you, Mother, about my teeth. I don't know whether there is any trouble for Doctor Cuden or not. They have not been perfectly comfortable at all times; but on other occasions when that was the case, he said they were all right.

I don't see why you should be so much worried about Chem, Fan. I think it is one of the simplest subjects I ever studied. In physics there are a lot of more or less difficult principles to dope out and a lot of complex mathematics to juggle with; but chem is about as simple and straight forward as anything could be. Are you sure that you aren't imagining things and introducing difficulties?

It seems to me that I left some important questions over last evening for discussion this evening. Whatever they were, they slipped my mind.




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Symphony Hall-Rakhmaninov

For the first time int he current musical year, Mr. Rakhmaninov, the illustrious Russian composer and pianist, will play in Boston tomorrow afternoon at 3.30 in Symphony Hall. There is barely need to recall to the many frequenting his concerts his remote and impressive presence his ability and resource as a technician the felicities of his touch and tone, his large understanding of the chosen music and his self-subordination to it. His programme more interesting than some he has previously proffered is:

Sonnata, No. 9..........................Mozart
Songs Without Words (Nos. 32, 3, 47, 37,
Ballad-Waltz in E-flat - Barcarolle -
Waltz in G-flat.................Chopin
Two Etudes-Tableaux (Martial; As a
Funeral March)-Barcarolle..Rakhmaninov
Spanish Rhapsody.........................Liszt


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Tea, Mufins and Jam
[From the Worcester Telegram]

So Harvard is now serving afternoon tea "with muffins and strawberry jam!

Old grads who have stood up bravely under the strain of the demise of Mory's at New Haven, the transformation at Zinkey's at Ithaca into an ice-cream parlor and the raiding of Tiger Inn at Princeton on football day will have to swallow hard to down this latest dose.

Afternoon tea with muffins and strawberry jam! It suggests a translation from Tom Brown at Oxford to Nancy Brown at Cambridge.

It has to be admitted that for the aesophagus and other items of the physiological structure, inevitable even if unknown in undergraduate circles, plunges into Oolong to celebrate victory or drown defeat are assuredly more beneficial than were the plunges of the past into beverages found upon rye, grape and peat reek.


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The [Hoisn] announced that it would [serve] afternoon [tea] after the fashion of the [Harvard] Club all over [the country]


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National League of Girls' Clubs

Miss Rose L. Dexter has offered the use of her home, 400 Beacon street, for next week's meeting [?on the national discourse?]. The board meets five times a year, usually in New York. Thursday will include two sessions, the morning devoted to business, and one in the afternoon, at which Miss Marion Niles, president of the Massachusetts League of Girls' Clubs, will officially welcome directors and guests. Miss Jean Hamilton, executive secretary of the National League, will give a report of work in Ohio. Miss Dexter will serve luncheon on that day. The meetings on Thursday evening and Friday will be held at the Girls' City Club, 8 Newbury street. The Needham Girls' Club will hold its monthly business meeting at the High School on Monday. Plans for the coming bazaar will be discussed. A brand new club will be inaugurated at a mass meeting in the Town Hall by the girls of Canton on Monday. Any girl of sixteen of over is invited. The Norwood Girls' Club will provide a special entertainment, a pantomime called "Putting One Over on Mother." The following members of the club will take part: The Misses Irene Jones, Emily Johnson, Gladys Faulkins and Katharine Kellard. Athol will give a dance in Grange Hall Monday, the proceeds to go toward expenses of the club. On Saturday a Christmas sale will take place. The Newton girls' regular business meeting comes Wednesday at eight o'clock, the council session following. Dodgeville has a new club which will have its first dramatic evening on Tuesday by producing two plays, "Pedler's Parade" and "Tickets, Please!" Mrs. Sybil K. Leonard, the secretary, is the coach. Webster Girls' Club will give, in cooperation with the International Correspondence Course, the moving picture entertainment called "Heads Win" on Monday. The programme will include singing by the Glee Club.

[I thought this might interest you Mother]