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DeWitt, Nettie | to mother, May 21, 1893:

VC Ex 1896
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May 21, 1893
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Vassar College. Sunday May 21- 1893.

My dearest Mother:- Here am I seated upon lovely Sunset Hill in a grove of Evergreens with my friend Gertrude. We have been out here writing ever since dinner, writing and talking too of course. The afternoon is a lovely one. Just like June and I am in my thin white and only barely comfortable. I have on my new hat too. Don't you wish you could see me? Not


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896013002
that Z look very good but I know you have a natural curiosity on the
subject, and I wish you could too and would tell me frankly what you
think of my new hat - I don't know yet just whether I like it or not. 1 went
in the other day to town as 1 positively had to buy a new corset waist as
my old one was dirty beyond description 1 was belated so 1 went into
Smith's and had a lunch of toast and ice cream all by myself. Did you
ever hear of such a combination? I only wanted to spend twenty cents
the sum of my ear fare as X walked both ways and enjoyed it oh so much.
I got home just in time for chapel. That was Wednesday. Friday Mrs
Kingston sent for me to try on my dress. It was Ethel's 18th birthday
and she, Helen, Cad and I all went to Smith's and had a fine lunch a dutch
treat. I walked both In and out of town that day so you see I am getting to
be quite a pedestrian. I didn't give Ethel any gift but the day before her
birthday we went


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896013003
down into the Glen and gathered violets. I got an Immense
bunch and kept them till next morning. Then I tied them to her door before
May 21» 1893 - 2
breakfast. I wish you could see the violets we gather here. 1 have beea
thinking of sending you some but suppose you can get them there. I wish
Clare could have some of them to "stand in with" as he tells about. I'm
sure he'd stand well if it depended on the violets. Friday night I went to
the last chapter play. It was very cute


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896013004
indeed. Mfcrcia was on the com-
mittee and gave me a reserved seat. She herself was not here to go as
she went down to spend Sunday at Newburgh with her Aunt. Saturday after-
noon I went to the last half of the May Concert given in Chapel. Delia
Marquardt Helen's roommate played very nicely indeed. I wish I could
play, but I don't believe I have enough talent to warrent any expenditure
on it. I have never yet succeeded in finding out


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896013005
my forte and almost think
I have none. Tell Emma with my regards, to be practicing up on all her
best dishes for I want to leam to cook this summer. Did I tell you Luce
is not coming home till July? I am so disappointed - She is going to
Buffalo, meet Alice and then stay in Rochester some time. I wouldn't be
surprised if I saw almost nothing of her. Marcia expects to go to Boston
and to Bellows Falls and also to visit one of the girls in New Jersey before
coming home. Don't say anything about it thought. I would not be at all
surprised if she came home the first minute she could however, and that A
minute is two days sooner than I can get away even. I am wild to get home
and yet think sometimes that It would be best to make the most of these
pleasant "opportunities" as I have only one life


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896013006
to live, but my heart is not
May 21* 1893 - 3
in the least set on them so do not hesitate to check me in any way if I
am inclined to go too far. There is Just this about it—another year I
must have an allowance and then X will know what I can do and just how
far I ought to go.
X have had a lovely day. Let me tell you what I have done.


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896013007
This morning right after breakfast I went for a lovely walk with Ethel.
We staid out till Bible Class at nine. Then after that I took a bath and
went to walk with Gertrude till church time. After dinner Gertrude went
up on Sunset as I said with me and then after lunch Ethel and I went for
another walk. After chapel Flo Rlsser {special, painting, *90-,93 , and I
went over to the Hall and called on Delia Marquardt's sister and a friend
from Ogontz.


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896013008
And now it Is almost bedtime and X must say goodnight. I
will say to set your mind at rest that my hat has been quite admired. Now
Goodnight dear people Write when you can to
Yours lovingly
(Nettie (Brand) De Witt, ex-»96,