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Sylvester, Helen (Seymour) | to mother, Nov. 5, 1865:

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November 5, 1865
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Vassar College
Nov 5th 1865-
Dear Mother
I received your letter and was very glad indeed to get
it. I am very busy and have very little time to write or even keep up
my acquaintance with the few friends I have made here in the College.
How X should like to see the house now; it must look very nicely. I
suppose you have put the furniture in and arranged it. If I had not such
splendid girls for roommates I should be dreadfully homesick here
sometimes. They are mostly girls that you like better every day you
know them. I wish I could be certain about Henry's going to Norfolk,
but I never


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knew him to start for a place in less than a week after he
said he would. You don't know the perfect dreariness of a day even
spent here with all you arrangements made to go and everyone else
going about you. Do have him start two or three days in advance. My
roommates are all going away to stay from Thanksgiving till the next
Monday and I do not fancy staying here in my room all alone. Llbby
Anderson has been a way twice to Poughkeepsie and stayed from Friday
night till Monday morning and Clara Spauldlng went to New York and
stayed till Monday. One of the times they were both away together and
it was perfectly dreary. I had no idea that two would make such a
difference and what I should do if I had to stay


: VCLLettersSylvesterHelen18651866007003
here alone I do not know.
I should think I might go away Thanksgiving as long as I am to be alone.
If the girls were to be here I should not care so much but a disappointment here is quite a different thing from one at home.
If Henry has any objections to my going to Albany I would like to
have him write to me and state them and I will see if they are worth
consideration. I do not think it is an unreasonable request for you said
I might go there often while I was here. To-day I went to church in
Poughkeepsie and it is the first time I have been out of the College
grounds since 1 have been here and I probably shall not go out again
unless X go to Albany or New York. Netta has invited me and I have not


: VCLLettersSylvesterHelen18651866007004
her yet. I have been very well so far, but am very tired at
night. I never saw such a place for long lessons and there are some
very smart girls here too. I shall be very glad indeed to have the
barrel of apples. We do not have any apples here, but we can send down
town and buy them at the rate of $5. dollars a bushel, and it takes my
money too much to do that much. Do not put any russets in I never liked
them but put in Spitzenbergs. I have no room in my closet but I have got
permission to put them in one of the empty rooms of the Professors
houses, In our wing of the College and in order to get them to the right
place, direct to "Charles F. Farrar". Vassar College, Poughkeepsie. Be
sure and send them the girls in our room are delighted


: VCLLettersSylvesterHelen18651866007005
at the thought of
having them. We do not have any at all and they will taste very nice. I am
so afraid you will overwork yourself. Why dont you get some one to
help you till Christmas?


: VCLLettersSylvesterHelen18651866007006
I do not know when the vacation will begin
but will write as soon as I find out. Henry cannot be too expeditious
in settling up his business however I believe we are to have as much
as two weeks. Write soon to me Give my love to Henry and Father.
Has cousin Mary Anne moved? I wrote to Lizzie but have not received
an answer.
Your affectionate
daughter Ella.