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Barnes, Lucy | to parents, May 19, 1872:

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May 19, 1872
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Vassar, May 19, 1872
Sunday Afternoon

My dear Parents

I really don't know what to put down first or how to commence - but as Aunt Alice always used to say just put the point of the pen to paper and inspiration will move it- I have just been writing Dr R- a note in thanks for "Within & Without" as you'll see from the letter I enclose that he is the donor. The poor ^man I believe must have attempted to swallow the dictionary but his attempt was not as successful as it might have been since I am able as you see to


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correct one of his "high sounders." Last Wednesday evening the Cecelia Society accompanied by Messrs Bergner & Waits, from New York entertained us with a very fine concert in the Chapel- a great many persons were out from Poughkeepsie making it very pleasant- Sue was one of the Ushers and looked ever so pretty.

On Friday a part of about 70 left College in big carriage loads for Lake Mohunk where they enjoyed themselves to the full until Saturday night and then they returned by moon light They have been telling so so much about the various


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beauties and delight of their trip and that the rest of us can hardly wait until the end of the week - that we may also experience it. I am dreadfully sorry Kate cannot go - but that you see is the misfortune of being a Prep. I will now try and state very precisely the day and date for your next visit to Vassar as you must have over looked it in one of my former letters as I am sure I told you- I want you to leave home Monday (the 24 of June) in time to get up to the College in time for the Concert that evening. The next morning you will be


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invited to the Gymnastic show and then the riding school will next fall beneath your notice. The afternoon will be devoted to Class day exercises- and the evening an address to the Philalethean society- the following day being commencement. Do you think the programme inviting enough for your attempt to come?-

Well really- I gave Lucy Keen credit for more sense- than ever to give Sam Woolman a thought but there is no use talking I suppose I really sympathize with poor Lizzie if she has to ride Nellie I sure I'd "go for something better" if I were in her place- it's just enough to discuss her with a horse forever.- Don't leave It till Saturday before writing to your affect Daugh, Lucy.

Lucy (Sellers) Barnes


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Enclosure: Letter from H. C. Register

907 Walnut St
Phila May 18

My dear friend Miss Lucy,

Your kind remembrance in form of "Vassar Miscellany" came to and yesterday. I have read with pleasure and profit several of its articles, and am happy to congratulate the


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College and members of the Senior and Junior Copes [?] in their new enterprise. The establishment of such a Journal at once speaks in unmistakeable terms the achievement of knowledge! I speak for it a very good old age; and as each successive year unfolds the ever living present


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May the tree of knowledge bud and blossom in fruitful language upon its pages; and annual often annual companion of ... a ... and honored "a priori" because swelled into one ... of adherents, and make the "Miscellany" their standard-bearer -- champion of right and proper, even to live in thee. The arts of old and young


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doing good work for the common alma mater; and standing a monument of honor to its founders and ...
Hoping you and Miss Patty are well and with kind encumbrance.
I am yours truly,
H.C. Register
Miss Lucy Sellers, "Vassar College."
N.B.: I wish you ... some of the beautiful thoughts in Mr. D's "With & Without."